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MBZ 2002 C230 Kompressor

We have a black 2002 C230, which was purchased used; the current mileage is 55,000. The paint is okay, not great, as it is not garaged. The sunroof broke quite a while ago and the repair fee is outrageous, we have have not had it done. We may end up not needing this car and wanted to know if it is worth getting the sunroof fixed or sell it is as.


This situation is like a two edged sword. If you fix the sunroof you may get more money for the car but you probably won’t get the repair cost back. I would sell the car as-is and try to get the most money for it. This is a good looking car and should sell easily.

Sunroofs are pretty much all the same…Find a shop that installs them aftermarket and have them take a look at it. Forget the Benz dealer…

Did the mechanic/dealer explain exactly what’s wrong? Is the motor burned out? I would do some research and try to fix it myself. You could probably get used/salvage parts at a reasonable price, a fraction of the dealer’s price for new parts. The internet is a great tool to save money in a case like this. You have more options than just going to the dealer.

Personally, if it’s broken in the closed position and not leaking I’d just let it tbe and pretend it’s a hardtop. If you spend money to repair or replace it now and you discover in the near future that it’ll be cost prohibitive to keep the car, you may regret having spent the money to fix the sunroof. If it turns out that the car serves you well and you like it, you can always get the sunroof fixed later.