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Aftermarket Sunroofs

I just bought a 2006 Ford Taurus and though I wasn’t particularly looking for THAT car, I couldn’t pass up the deal given. It only has 15,000 miles and is an SEL…nice car…however, it did not come with the sinroof I had hoped I would get with the purchase of a car. Would having one installed be a mistake or is it ok now adays? Anyone have any aftermarket horro or success stories and/or advice??

My Mistake…I meant SUNROOF…LOL

I think it could be a SIN-roof in your case bridgy haha. The quality of an aftermarket sunroof is dependent on two things-the quality of the kit itself, and how skilled the installer happens to be. If done correctly they can work out OK, but if done incorrectly you’ll curse it everytime it rains.

I have heard of a lot of problems with dealer sunroofs, I have heard of about an equal number of after market ones. Considering that I would guess there are far fewer after market sunroofs, it is not something I would consider.

This was a real decision on my part few years ago when I got my current car. I had wanted a sunroof, but after about four months the closest they could get was one without. I took it and then looked into the possibility of putting in an after market. I decided against it, and I had not even gotten to the cost issue.

I installed a sun roof in my car with my father’s help about 28 years ago. It was a flip-up in the back type. We just cut the hole in the roof and inserted it. It was scary for me. I’ve had no trouble with it since, but I got rid of the car after about 5 years. I did it because I wanted another inch of head room and better, quieter flow-through ventilation. I had no AC and did mostly highway driving in the NE.

I would have gone for a sin roof myself back then if I had known that choice existed.

My wife has a dealer-installed power moonroof (glass panel; let the terminology battle begin!) in her '99 Pontiac Grand Am. Until she told me it wasn’t from the factory, I thought it was OE. Very professional job, including the sliding shade panel, and not a bit of trouble with it in 9 years. Unfortunately, I don’t know the manufacturer.

So, would me having the Ford dealership install one be ok? Wouldn’t having the Ford Manufacturer installing gauruntee (warranty) the work in case of leakage, etc? I could do without, but gosh, I got so spoiled ever since I had my T-Bird in the early 90’s then again with my Grand AM in the early 2000’s. So, not having one, …well… just plum sucks to be me…LOL

It will not have a “Ford” guarantee, it will have whatever guarantee the dealer gives. Ask them for references, they should have no trouble letting you contact other customers, and give you a chance to look over their work.

Personally, I don’t think they are worth what you are about to pay…And if the installation is not PERFECT, they are a nightmare.

A Hollandia 700 series sunroof are great (factory like). My 2000 Impala had one put on when the car was brand new, and never had a problem. I also know someone that had one put on a Toyota Prius. She gets all sorts of looks from other Prius owners. That Install looked to be a little tricky because the contour of the roof needed to be straighten out where the sunroof went in. Here is the Website on the right is the directory of authorized installers