After market sunroof


I am thinking of installing an aftermarket sunroof in my 2006 Subaru Outback. Does this sacrifice the structural integrity? Are their other saftey concerns I should have?

If their are no safety issues, can anyone recommend a good product? I live in Huntington Beach CA.

Thank you.



You’re talking about letting someone you don’t know cut a LARGE hole in the roof of your car. Personally, I would NEVER do this. If you want a sunroof, trade your car for one that already has a factory sunroof.

The potential for leaks and other problems with aftermarket sunroofs is just too high.


OE sunroofs have enough trouble. I would never opt for one. Maybe some installers are really good and some parts are great, but I would not do it to my car, and I did want one when I bought my car and could not find a car with it and the other stuff I wanted.


I would never opt for one. Maybe some installers are really good and some parts are great,

Joseph hit it on the head…It really depends on the installer. If you are to do …I’d go to someone who specializes in this. Not some place that sells Audio equipment and happens to also sell and install sunroofs. Or find a good bodyman.


"You’re talking about letting someone you don’t know cut a LARGE hole in the roof of your car. Personally, I would NEVER do this. "



I wouldn’t worry about the structural integrity if the car is one that offers a sunroof as original equipment. An aftermarket one should fit in the same area as the factory job. Some of the aftermarket models are very high quality, being made by the same manufacturer as the original equipment version. As mentioned in prior posts, installation is the key. Results can be from absolutely no difference from the factory direct version to terrible.


Thank you.

Not knowing anyone who has done this, can you offer any direction as to how to find a reliable or reputable installer?


In the model year 2000 power sunroofs were not available for the first year production Impala. So the dealer had one installed at a reputable place, and sold new with the car. I have this car and can say the quality is as good, and functions in all ways like a factory unit, even after seven years : )


Dug the paper work out of the glove box its a Vermeulen Hollandia sunroof. It was like a $850.00 unit, dealer cost with no mark up. Todays cost about $1100.00 for a good one.


gees its southern california havent you heard it never rains in southern twice a year you have a little damp spot.


check your local area you are in the best area in the world to have custom work done.the only danger is if you get the size too big you could fall out midwest and east coast are 20 yrs behind southern cal,in this dept.have fun.


I had one put on my last car(95 contour), it wasn’t that expensive, but I did get the cheapest one there, wich was basically a tinted piece of glass they put in my roof that I could pull out. The day I got it done, it was pouring like crazy. I figured it would be a good test to see if it was done right, and it was. I dunno if they have a Ziebart out there in Cali, but look them up if you do.


Just don’t watch the hole being cut with a saber saw. It’s like watching a real jerk fix your tire after slamming it down on the machine. I only jumped a little.


Make sure the sunroof if you go down this road has a “moat” and a drainage line that requires them pull apart one of your front windshield pillars apart.

Factory sunroofs are designed to have some seepage past the outer seal into this moat. Its much easier to install a sunroof due to the drainage components at the factory vs tearing apart a nearly brand new Subaru.


If there is a drain on only one side, you will get seepage/leakage if the car is tilted toward the other side of the car. That is why factory-installed moonroofs have a drain in each of the windshield pillars.


Past experience: Had one installed 5 years ago in my SUV and it came with a “100% guarantee” against leaks. It cost a bit over $1000. Looked beautiful both inside and out. Nice job fitting the headliner, moved the overhead console…everything looked great!

After one New England winter, it leaked. The dealers solution? He gooped silicone all around it, which of course, was smeared onto the surrounding sheet metal of the roof to “create a seal”.

When I complained, his response was “…Oh come on…it’s an SUV…who sees up there?” I had another dealer remove it, replace the gasket, and seal it from the inside…at my cost.

Strange, but true.


The sun roof I mentioned in previous reply does have a drain on both driver and passenger side.


Try American Sunroof Corporation. They did a Lincoln Navigator for me in 1998 it still works great with no leaks.

Orange County call - 714 540 4800

Los Angeles call - 562 634 0466

San Diego call - 858 566 1770

Outside Southern Cal. call - 810 227 0123



looks like a hack job but if it doesn’t leak…