After Market Add On's


In the Mountain View, CA area where is the best place to have Blue Tooth and iPod capability added to a '07 AccordE-XL V6?


Probably anyplace that sells aftermarket stereo equipment. Personally, I’d go with Crutchfield and do it myself, but any good car stereo shop should be able to handle this.


Most CD players in new cars have an AUX jack for Ipods/portable MP3 platers. I looked on Honda’s site and see they don’t offer the Ipod add-on from the factory like they do with most of their cars.


You can buy a Bluetooth receiver and connect it to your amp. That only gives audio, though. If you’re looking for something more advanced, such as GPS, you’ll have to spend more.
Or you can just use a 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable to connect your handheld to the amp, then connect the handheld’s power adapter through a noise filter at the amp.

BTW, a 3.5mm plug and USB power adapter (when used with a USB charge/sync cable) will be compatible with the vast majority of handhelds. The exceptions include really old handhelds without USB and new “big screen” (>=5") handhelds and high performance handhelds (which both draw too much power for a USB power adapter). My Dell handheld (624MHz, 3.5" screen) will work with a USB power adapter if the adapter is rated for 1.5A or more.
A small power inverter will be compatible with any handheld (when used with the provided AC adapter) and galvanically isolates the circuits, but inverters often cause EMI problems of their own.