2005 Audi A4 2.0T and iPod



Am looking for a war to get my iPod to interface (without the radio option) to the Audi MMI interface - full navigation etc. ANyone know if this is possible ??


You can buy a cable to connect your handheld to the amp. For power, use an adapter that is isolated if possible to avoid ground loop issues. If that’s not possible, use a noise filter along with a nonisolated adapter and connect the power right at the amp. Use a relay to switch devices off automatically if needed.
If you want GPS navigation, you’ll need a GPS receiver and software. Connect GPS power after the noise filter (can be separate or shared with handheld) to avoid ground loop issues. Some GPSes are powered by the serial port of your handheld, which avoids ground loop issues.

If your handheld has VGA output, you can also connect a small LCD monitor for passengers. Since LCD monitors might be electrically noisy, put them on a separate noise filter and connect them at the amp to avoid ground loop issues.

BTW, in car computers (and for the matter, home/office computers as well) are often ground loop nightmares. The key to avoiding ground loops is to use isolated interfaces where practical and connecting all devices to the same ground when possible.


Do you have a reference where I could obtain the cable that you describe ?

Thx so much for your help!



I did a quick search and found some stuff, it doesn’t sound like you have a unique question:






The audio cable is a standard 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable. You can buy it from just about any electronics store. (You’ll need an amp with RCA inputs, but most have them. If it’s something other than RCA, there might be adapters available anyways.) For power, the noise filter can be purchased from an auto parts store or electronics store and the handheld power adapter from certain electronics stores (if it’s a common handheld) or from the handheld’s manufacturer. GPS receivers and software are available from most electronics stores. (Make sure the OS and cable are supported for your handheld.) Small LCD monitors are also available from electronics stores. Get one with 12v input for easy connection.