iPod Installation

I have a 2008 Toyota Tacoma and I’m surprised that it doesn’t come with a USB port for my iPod. The goof ball dealer said I should take my new dash apart and see if there is a jack in the back to connect to, seems like there should be more info on this from the dealer at least.

Any idea on how to easily do this or should I leave it to the ‘pros?’

The actual USB port isn’t terribly common, but seems like many cars these days have a little “aux” port that takes a 1/8 inch headphone cable. It might be in a funny place-- on my work Scion, it’s near the shifter.

Your owner’s manual will no doubt address the existance of and/or location of an auxillary input.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll take a look but I’m guessing I’ll have to ask one of the toy guys to see if there is an aux port someplace, it would be nice.

Why not contact Toyota directly thru their website customer service. A simple email with your VIN #/model/make/trim level will give them the exact info they need.

Not all new vehicles have the auxillary port. This website supposedly has adapter kits, and the only one for an 08 Tacoma is wireless: http://www.icarkits.com/?gclid=COHQppvyyI8CFShsGgod1DAF_A

If you’re anywhere near a Best Buy or Circuit City, their stereo installation dept could probably tell you for sure if your Tacoma has a port. The guys at our Best Buy (in Reading, PA) are awesome. If there’s no aux, your options would be to get a new CD/radio unit, or a Drive & Play (Harmon Kardin makes them). The Drive & Play is wired directly into your FM antenna. It’s way better than wireless, and maybe not quite as good as CD. I enjoyed mine thoroughly.

A friend of mine has on '06 Tacoma and a similar problem.
Dealer was no help.

But, there are companies out there that sell kits that will allow a direct connection of an iPod.
try here:
or here: