I'm curious about the ads that are appearing on threads

Has anyone else seen the ad for a CONCEALED CARRY map? Are such ads on everyone’s view of this forum? I understand how FIND YOUR AUTO WARRANTY would be here.

I’ve not seen that one. I’m getting ads trying to encourage me to lease a Jeep, which seems like a recipe for trouble.

The story has always been that we have a third-party ad service and it’s supposed to recommend ads based on whatever the algorithm thinks the user would be interested in. Nevertheless, algorithms are wrong sometimes.

Update: found it. That didn’t take long.

Well now we both will know where we can travel safely packing heat Miss Carolyn.


Knowledge is (fire)power? :slight_smile:


Many ads you see are based on what types of web-sites you visit. Advertising agents read the Cookies on you PC and then post ads based on the Cookies left behind by any websites you’ve visited.

Well in that case I’m totally in the dark @MikeInNH. I don’t recall viewing anything about concealed carry or even guns other than reading news stories, or do news stories I read label me for advertising?

Same here. I don’t read much about guns, or the adjacent topics.

But @cdaquila, how can that be? You’re the head Guru in charge.

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And that’s why I didn’t say all ads. Every ad you see on any web-site is paid for. Many times it’s through an agent. You pay the agent to advertise your product in high visible sites. The seller really doesn’t care where, as long as it’s being advertised and you’re getting results.

In the earliest years of Car Talk I was curious why anyone would financially support such an expensive proposition @MikeInNH. Well honestly I was clueless just what it cost but in my best comprehension of such things indicated someone was throwing in some cash. And the first grand shift at the site was when Amazon got involved and monitors began to censor posts, forced posters to register and identify themselves and sometimes find themselves blocked for a while. These days internet sites seem to be gold mines for many hosts but I don’t really follow the trail of money that makes up the profits.

I think this was discussed some months ago but the conversation was quickly shut down due to the subject matter. I think they are wasting their money on ads for me. I think their algorithms are screwed up. But hey, if that’s what pays for this place, that’s fine. What I’d really like to know though is where they got my cell phone number, why they think I have back pain, a school loan, or my car warranty is in peril. I don’t have any back pain and haven’t had a school loan in 50 years. Come August 1 though, I won’t be able to answer the calls and it’ll just go to voice mail-at least while I’m driving.

They don’t work for me either…but they do work. I’ve read the metrics on this. It’s AMAZING how much money is made directly related to this type of advertising.

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I don’t remember who but one of the regular’s here a year or two back posted a link for a ad blocker which I instaled & have not had an ad since, I can’t remember what the link was,

Sometimes ads show up in your browser due to adware (a kind of malware) being accidentally installed on your computer. It might be time to run a malicious software scan.

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It might have been me.

AdBlock is an extension you can install in your browser settings. It’s under “More Tools” in Chrome, and under “add-ons” in Firefox.

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If it was you I sure do thank you Ads don’t work for me if want or need somthing I will look for it myself & not trust a ad to try & sell it to me,

Ads don’t bother me, I just scroll past them. I did click on one for a car wax product. They claimed the negative ions in their wax would bond to residual positive ions from their car wash soap and thereby bond to the paint. I’m not a chemist but this sounds bogus to me.


Yeah and I clicked on the $40 miracle ear wax removal deal. I thought they were listening to me or something since I’ve been saying I need to get the wax out of my ears but haven’t had time.

Now I didn’t mind the ear wax commercial because I need to get the wax out, but today I was met with a bladder control ad. I just checked and I don’t have a bladder control problem. But now I get an ad for plus size lingerie. Well I’m kinda skinny and they got the sex wrong. Like I said I think whatever algorithms they are using are bunk and they should get their money back.

Oh, I don’t know, Bing…
Don’t be too hasty. They might surprise you. I’d definitely save those ads. Some use AI (artificial intelligence) to see directions you are trending toward before you’re even aware of it.

Also, as we age, it’s sometimes helpful to rely on some second opinions and not just how we perceive things. :speak_no_evil: