Ads on cartalk webpage

I guess I really never noticed it on this site before it was brought up.

I have noticed other sites, that It occurs to me that the ads across the top were for something that I searched for a few days earlier. If it was a portable radio that my mom wants, or a new camera for my next trip. Suddenly the ads for that item will be showing up.
I don’t know what would have prompted the Korean brides… one at a time is enough.

I always wondered about these guys with three wives, or more…gluttons for punishment???


I just registered a new Garmin and all my ads on the side and below are for Garmin now!!!


You may be right but I can double guarantee you I never searched for any foreign wives or domestic ones either or looked for any foreign or domestic dates, plus I’ve never searched for motorcycle parts either. I do see an ad for crown molding jigs and I do admit to that. With my new computer I’m a little hesitant to put anything on it that my computer guy doesn’t approve of.

Ohh, ooh!, how do I get those ads!?

I haven’t seen them this week, but I have seen them recently. I’ve got to chuckle when I see them. I am aware that there have been “arranged” marriages with foreign brides for a while, including Russian and Ukrainian women. The must be desperate to want to move 7000 or more miles to marry someone they know little to nothing about. That’s just another reason to think I’m one of the luckiest guys in town.