Adding a third row

I have a 2007 Kia Rondo. I’m very happy with the car overall but still dissapointed that we didn’t got one with the optional fold-away third row seats. I’d like to know if adding third row seats myself is even possible or safe? I know I can get the seats from a scrap yard but I don’t know how much work might be involved in actually getting them ancored in place. Any suggestions?

The chassis should be set up to do so, but the seats and seatbelt assemblies need to be the right ones and be properly installed. The forces in an accident can be many times gravity, and seats not properly installed or setbelts that are not correct and secure can cost the lives of the young ones sitting there.

When you buy the scrap yard seats get all the hardware also. Verify your car has the floor threaded to secure the seats. If you are not getting your parts from a exact model verify they will fit your car, (lucky you have found same upholestry). Don’t forget seat belts.

The problem is FINDING this stuff in a scrap yard. I’ll bet it’s near impossible.

Why, Mike, I don’t know much about Rondos. Are there that few of them out there?

O.P., Someone has got to have tried this. Try a Kia board. If there is such a thing as a Rondo board, by all means, try that first.

Move your second row seats so that you can get a good look at the area where the back row goes. Does it look like there is an insert where the 3rd row goes? The fastest way to find out might be to call Kia and see if the conversion is easy. Tell them that you will have a professional do the work no matter who eventually does it. They might say no if they think that you will do it yourself for fear that you will hold them liable for bad advice if you blow the installation. It might turn out that you not only need the seats but the floor section behind the sets, too.