Toyota Sienna 3rd row seat stuck

The larger (60) side of my 2005 Sienna’s third row seat is stuck in the “up” position. That is: the seat back will fold down, but the seat will not release from the floor in order to fold down into the well at the back of the vehicle.

The pull tab on the back of the seat that releases it moves in and out too easily. I viewed the mechanism under the seat and it appears that the pull tab is linked to a cable which rotates an armature, which in turn pulls one cable for each leg of the seat to release it. It looks like the cable connected to the pull tab is properly rotating the armature, but the legs aren’t releasing. I can’t tell for sure but it seems like the armature is rotated into the “release” position but it hasn’t released the legs. I’ve crawled under the seat and tried my best to rotate the armature with my hands and a pair of pliers to no avail.

Has anyone had this happen before? I was thinking my next step would be to try to rotate the armature with a little gentle persuasion (e.g. a hammer and a screwdriver or piece of wood).

in MY car ( truck ? 08 expedition ) it’s always a toy or other stuff down in the latch hook area. It may take some mining on your part.

“I’ve crawled under the seat …”

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It would be easier to assess the problem if you could simply turn the seat over in an area with room to work on it.


No, the third row seats aren’t removable. I can get my head and hands under (just) but there’s not much room to move around or get a good view of the bottom of the seat.

You might just need to lubricate it. Put a little oil on the turning mechanism near where it attaches to the floor. That worked for me in our minivan with a 3rd row seat.

As you go to lubricate, then attempt to release again…push down on the seat heavily just as you pull the release.
IF there was unseen debris down there the last time you latched it in place …it may be causing push-back on the catch .

nordee, Did you ever het this solved? If so, how?