Tahoe 3rd row seat

I am considering the purchase of a 2004 Tahoe with low miles and great condition. The only issue is that it does not have a third row seat which our family needs. Can a third row seat be added. Are the third row mounts already available in the vehicle?

Check under the carpet and see if it has mounting holes in the floor. If not, they need to be drilled. The holes shold be there (with plugs in them), since a 3rd seat is optional in all but the LT, where it was standard. You then need to find the seat with the same uppholstery.

I’d look for a Tahoe with the 3rd row installed already. Or get a Suburban. Same mileage, but a lot bigger.

If the Tahoe did not offer a third row seat, do not try to install one. You may be placing the third row passangers right in the crush zone.

Go test drive a 3rd row seating configureated Tahoe BEFORE you buy one.

Put your whole family in it.

I think you’ll find there is very little leg room in the third row.

If you put small children there, envision those same youngsters ten-twelve years from now.

I have an '02 Tahoe LS 4x4 and because we don’t have kids at home any more and needed it to tow our travel trailer, I opted for a second row only.