Add third row of seats to a 2006 Buick Rendezvous

I have a 2006 Buick Rendezvous which we purchased used last year. This vehicle did not come with the optional the third row of seats. The question is can a third row be added if the vehicle didn’t initially come from the factory with the third row already installed? I have purchased a used third row of seats from a junk yard and the seat belts. The issue is with the mounting points for the seat belts. All three mounting points exist, however instead of having welded nuts there is a hollow barrel. At first glance it looked threaded, but it is not.

Since the car was designed to accept the third row safely then yes, you can add it afterward.

I’m betting that the mounting points you refer to have a threaded fitting that’s installed should you choose the third row as an option at the time of purchase. Ask the parts guy at the dealer to look these fasteners up for you and show you the “exploded view” drawing of their proper installation.

You may also want to see if there’s a plug for a “seatbelt disengaged” warning light that you should be connecting. If so, there should be a plug dangling from the seat bottom for the “occupant” sensor part of the warning system. The warning lights system (if you have one for the third seat) senses the presence of a person as well as whether the seatbelt is engaged.

Thanks for the reply. I did stop by a buick dealership today, unfortunately the parts guy was not much help. He simply insisted since it didn’t come with the 3rd row that i could not added it. I guess i’ll try another dealer.

I included a pic of the underside of the floor mount. Not sure of it’s purpose, if it even has one. Any ideas?? I’m assuming it should not be tapped.

Are there any other Buick dealerships near you? What about Pontiac? The Aztek and Rendezvous are basically the same car, though the Pontiac is just sooo much uglier. I know that Buick, Pontiac, and GMC are usually sold together, but you might find something different. BTW, the dealership you went to might have someone else working the parts counter that has some idea what was available on the Rendezvous. You could also call GM and explain that the dealer parts guys are developmentally challenged and are incapable of helping you. Maybe they could help out.