Kia Sedona - can't remove 2nd row seats

Regarding removal of 2nd row seats, the dealer that sold it to me can’t figure it out either. I understand it’s supposed to be one single motion while pulling the strap but neither seat will budge. I bought this vehicle mainly for hauling stuff. Can someone help me before I break out the cutting torch?

Owner’s manual ?

They usually put them in the glove-box…

Ask Mr. Google.

The salesman and I both refereed to the owner’s manual. Today I took it to a Kia dealership. They struggled with it for two hours but finally got them out. They said the problem was caused by debris in the mechanism from when this 2011 Sedona was a rental vehicle. They charged me $45. Whatever.

$45 dollars for two hours work at a dealer is a raging bargin.