Add comment if you had Honda accord trans problem too

I have a 2001 Honda accord ex v6 and I just found out that I am just about to need a new tranny, my mom also has one but hers is a 2000 and her went out sometime last year, so I’m wondering how many people have this problem as well. I heard this is a common problem and why is Honda not doing anything to fix it?


The cars you mention are eight and nine years old, and you didn’t tell us whether or not you followed the factory maintenance schedule regarding transmission fluid changes. Many people think Accords don’t need any maintenance, and they ignore them until something goes wrong. Then they complain.

“why is Honda not doing anything to fix it?”

They did.
Because of early transmission failure on Honda Accord transmissions of that era, Honda extended the trans warranty on those cars to…100,000 miles if I recall correctly.

This is a perfect example of why you need to do your due diligence before you buy a used car. A little research would have revealed that these transmissions were, and continue to be, a problem area on an otherwise good car. Just because of the need for expensive transmission overhauls, coupled with the fact that most of those extended warranties are now ended, these are not good used cars for purchase.

How many miles on your Accord?

Mine has 130,000 and my moms has 96000 and so far both cars have been up on all of it’s maintenance.

Sometimes you have to make expensive repairs on cars that old with that many miles.

And, when you buy a used car, it is very important to research the repair record for that particular model. Anyone who bothered to check the repair record for Accords of the 2000-2003 era would find that they are subject to major transmission problems–even when properly maintained.

Good cars, bad transmissions.

Is there a reason why they went bad? Did Honda make these transmissions or did another maker did?

I think Honda took full ownership of this POS transmission.

Could Mom’s car still be under the 100,000 mile warranty?

Shoot my tranny went out already… I’m thinking of just selling it and getting something elese or is this car stillworth it?

Sure, you can sell it, but how much do you think that people will be willing to pay for a car that will not move under its own power? You will have to knock at least $3k off the selling price to have people even consider it in its present condition.

I mean fix it then sell it because I went to the website “” and saw the my model yeas accord has lots of tranny issues , but I would have to fix it first so that I can use it because this is my only mode I’d transportation.

Just park it down along the fence on the left side with the rest of them and bring the keys and plates back to the office…

Honda recalled the transmissions and replaced them. At least they did for our Acura TL.

Chances are, if you have a rebuilt transmission installed, it will have the same defect as the one being replaced. I think you have two choices after you get it fixed:

  1. Trade it in. This is probably the most expensive option whether you buy new or used.

  2. Keep the car and increase the frequency of transmission maintenance. That means having the pan dropped, the filter cleaned, and the fluid replaced every 30,000 miles, which some people recommend for all transmissions, regardless of brand.