2000 Honda Accord, transmission woes

2000 Accord, purchased new, serviced on schedule, 117,000 miles, tranny fried. No advanced warning until code light on, (code readings: torque converter solenoid and “shifting problems”). Rumor is Honda extended the warranty to 109,000 miles becuase of problems. Similar problems or suggestions?

You aren’t clear in your post. What driveability problems are you having with the Accord, aside from what the computer is telling you?

Did the on-schedule service include transmission fluid changes?

Code light came on, checked almost immediately, fluid smelled “burnt”, (per mechanic that wanted the rebuild job), then transmission was slow to respond when hot, (slippped, then slight thud when it did shift). After allowing the tranmissions to cool off, it shifted fine. We had to drive it 1500 miles in this condition to get the car back to the original dealer. Three different mechanics have given same diagnosis after checking codes and examining fluid. Transmission fluid was changed per maintenance schedule.

Sounds like the torque converter went on it and burned up the fluid. Make absolutely sure when the rebuild or replace is done that they flush the cooler and flow test it. Usually when a converter goes, it throws trash into the cooler and the transmission itself.


Google this, there was a program, you should consult your dealer and Honda customer service. My in law got a replacement for her 2002, but she had very low miles.

Dave S., this honestly this isn’t your fault and you couldn’t have prevented it unfortunately. Honda/Acura had a string of tranmsission problems around this time period with their cars due to a flaw in the transmission. Research the issue and then talk to the dealer about working with you to solve this at a reduced price. The good news is that the tranmssion issue is solved.

I have a 2000 Honda Accord 4 cylinder with just under 84K miles. I pressed the accelerator down and the transmission was really late in engaging. It would then engage in a big way. I took it Friday April 17, 2009 and they say my transmission is going out and not to drive out of town. They estimated $2700 for a replacement. I’ve heard nothing about an extended warranty and hope to get a goodwill repair. I’ve had my car regularly maintenanced as scheduled. I had no warning light either.

This is an update–with a good result. Monday (4/20/09) I called Honda Customer Service and shared my transmission problem as described above. They passed my case on to a case manager for investigation. The case manager called me today (4/21/09) and said that since I had my car regularly maintained through Honda and have been a good Honda customer that they would only charge me $1155 and not the $2700. They called my Honda repair department and made that official. I just got off the phone with the Honda Repair people who had talked to the case manager and my repair is set for early next week. This calling Honda directly is a 53% savings in transmission repair costs. I’m very pleased with this outcome. I plan on keeping my car for another 100K if possible.