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Acura vs Infiniti which one do you think more luxury brand?

First. Im not american. I just ask you some question
which one do general american prefer between acura and infiniti ? In luxury brand.
I know you guys prefer Lexus more Lmao. But i just wanna compare these two brand.
In Universal american perspective. (Who ever livingamerica)

If you want to be taken seriously, get rid of that picture

I don’t know why you are asking this on a forum . All that matters is which one you prefer or think is more of a luxury vehicle.

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Personally I think “luxury” is a used Honda in the garage and the rest of the money in my pocket (or bank).

But your results may vary.

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I’d choose Acura. Nissan hasn’t been impressing me with their build quality lately. If the base company can’t make solid cars, then I’m not going to pay the markup to doll them up with luxury stuff.

I suspect the general non enthusiast public sees it differently. Part of that is Acura’s fault - Infiniti has always only released luxury cars. Acura released the Integra, the RSX, and the ILX, all of which were great cars but were essentially Civics with bigger engines. The Integra especially did not have anything approaching a luxury feel. The brand vision schizophrenia helped to position Acura at or near the bottom of the Japan-import luxury lines.

+1 to all of shadowfax’s comments.
Truthfully, I just don’t see either Acura or Infiniti being in the same league as Lexus, but that’s just one man’s opinion.

That being said…Infiniti’s various models lack the reliability of even many cheaper makes, and Infiniti reliability is far below that of both Lexus and Acura. Most Acuras are essentially Civics, Accords, or CRVs with bigger engines and nicer interiors, or–in the case of the luxury RL sedan–not pleasing to drive.

what years in general? what model cars? sedans? or SUV"S? i would like a new QX80 as a gift.

I will say this for Acura - at least they completely reshape the sheet metal. It might be the same car underneath but it doesn’t look like it from the outside:


Compare that to the crap Cadillac used to pull:


where they’d just add a little plastic cladding and change the grille slightly and call a dumpy Cavalier a Cadillac and charge you double for it.

But then Acura didn’t help itself much when it decided to venture into SUVs by re-badging an Isuzu Trooper.

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Infinity was hampered by a ridiculous advertising campaign when they were introduced in the US and they have never recovered from it. The ads contained no pictures of or information about the cars. I don’t remember what the ads contained but I think there were some clouds.

No idea which is the more luxurious, but Acura’s are much more common in San Jose, Calif than Infinities. When I think of luxury I envision cars more like high end Mercedes, Lexus’s, BMW’s, Porsche’s, and Bentley’s rather than either of the brands you mention. But what’s luxury to one person may be not be to another.

Based on this review, I’d look at the new Accord:

Oh geez, I’d forgotten those godawful ads. Must be the same guy who did the Celebrex ads where some dude was sail-boarding in a wheat field. Never said what the drug did. I assumed it was hallucinogenic based on the imagery. :wink:

… I found one!

Outside North America, Acuras are just Hondas! All three Japanese car makers created these luxury brands to compete in the North American luxury market and overcome the “economy” image.

Consumer Reports states that a Toyota Camry is a much better value than an equivalent Lexus model and is also cheaper to repair.

Of course a Lincoln Town Car was just a jazzed up Ford Crown Victoria.

Perception is in the eye and mind of the beholder. A few years ago my wife bought a $135 “luxury brand” toaster. It lasted 7 days beyond the expiration of the 1 year warranty. We are currently suing a $45 model from a grocery chain’s house brand and it has been going strong for 4 years now.

In most cases that’s true, but there are Acuras that are not available as Hondas anywhere. The post-2nd gen TLs are a good example. They’re based on the US-market Accord platform, were built in the USA, and were not sold outside of North America.

That is true, but once Toyota saw the huge profit potential of their Lexus brand, they soon began selling their luxury-level Toyotas as Lexuses (Lexi?) in Europe, and even in Japan.