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Let's vote, 2017 Acura MDX or 2017 Lexus RX 350

I am thinking of getting a new car and i have those 2 in minds. But it’s hard to decide. Their price are close, about $45K. I’d like to see what people would choose. :grimacing:

You want to be influenced by unknown strangers who have their own brand favorites ? Here is my vote-neither one would I want.
Assuming this purchase involves someone besides yourself ( significant other for example ) that is the vote that counts.

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Send them my way and I’ll let you know!!! :joy:

Looks like Edmunds and Motor Trend both rate the Acura ahead of the Lexus. I’ve never been lucky enough to own either, but I’ve owned a few different Toyota’s that I’ve loved, so I would personally lean towards Lexus. Honestly, test drive them both, if you love them both and price is no issue, flip a coin. Strangers over the internet can’t make the best call for you!


If you can stand the RX’s looks, and don’t need 3 rows, it’d be OK. I really don’t like the new looks. The MDX is a better look, with more room and versatility. But that’s me. Buy what you like.

I agree, the Lexus is ugly-ugly-ugly


The new nose on the MDX isn’t that great either, and irritatingly they’re taking the perfectly nice looking TLX and giving it the MDX treatment starting next year. Blah.

Acura makes wonderful cars, but it seems every other generation is styled by Picasso.


if they offered a body color grill insert on all their cars I would be happy. not happy enough to buy one. but that grill is ugly as a mud fence.

How about an RDX instead of the MDX? If 2 rows are enough, the RDX would be my pick.

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I just rode in my friend’s RDX this past weekend and if you don’t need a third row, this is one nice ride.

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LOL, I like the “spool” grille. To each his/her own.

Which would I choose? I’d test drive them both and choose the one I liked. They’re both good choices.


My advice is usually the same. . .
in THIS small town of mine . .neither !
Local indies usually don’t do these things and a warranty dealer is 140 miles one way. If it’s not running at the time that means all that way is a towing bill.

A major part of ownership that must be considered is the long term servicing of said vehicle.
Not only under warranty but beyond.

    • are you buying this new car ? Are you intending on keeping it a good ten years or more ?

( btw, I hate the Lexus grill too )

For me it’s more about the interior and the dealer service, the Lexus dealer is 35 miles away but there are many around here and the owners are all very happy with the suv and the dealer’s customer service. The Acura dealer is a little more of an unknown but it’s a mile or so from the Lexus dealer.

That could change next week with the way dealerships are bought and sold. I saw a commercial for local GM dealer during the late news and the next day I drove by and a new sign was being installed with a different name.

They are both great, reliable vehicles and I do not think you can make a mistake with either one of them. I would pick the Lexus if you do not need the third row. I like the new interior. If you want better fuel economy, you can go with the RX hybrid. If you own a business and can take a tax deduction on your vehicle, you will get a more generous deduction on the MDX due to it being of 6000 gvwr (ask your accountant, he will know why that matters).

I have both a 2016 RDX and a 2016 MDX. Both have similar engines. The RDX has a six speed transmission while the MDX is nine speed. Some people don’t like the nine speed, which is also used in the Odyssey and the Pilot. I like either transmission.

The MDX has a large rear door and lots of room in the rear seat. The RDX front door is longer (I measured) and easier for me to enter, as I am tall. The rear seat is still somewhat roomy. The cargo area behind the second row is longer in the MDX.

If you don’t need a third row and the RDX is large enough in the rear seat and cargo area, test drive one. I no longer need two suv’s. Today, if I were to keep one of these two it would be the RDX… I like the interior materials better,(2016 not 2017) and the HVAC controls use buttons etc, not the touch screen