Reliable, luxurious car from last 1-5 yrs?

What might be a reliable, luxurious car from last 1-5 yrs?

I gathered that European cars are expensive and not reliable - probably the newer cars are even worse.

I appreciate recommendations.

Lexus and Infinity. Both are based on Toyota and Nissan reliability. European cars tend to be reliable up to the 10th year, then repairs tend to be expensive and they become money pits.

Lexus ES350 is a sure bet.

I would add Acura, Honda’s luxury cars. They are the most sporty of the group.

Toyota Avalon. Basically a Lexus without the nameplate price penalty. Note a redesign in 2013–the newer models have better handling but a harsh ride.

Along with the Avalon, the top trim level Accords and Camrys are luxurious and quite will pay a lot more for them than you would for most equivalent products from other manufacturers, but you didn’t say that purchase price is important. The 2008/2012 generation Accord is more the size of an Avalon than Camry. I prefer the smaller sedan from before or after that time period. The larger size might not bother you, though.

The new Accords have no spare tire, which sucks big time in my opinion.
I don’t know how far back this feature goes.

If you don’t care about the name badge, take a look at Hyundai Genesis. Friends have it and rave about the comfort and luxury.

A Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide will provide far more information than this forum has the capacity to. The hard part will be finding one in good shape. Peoeple tend to keep these cars for a while. You might want to consider looking at new vehicles instead of looking for a late model luxo car. A new Avalon or Genesis might be just as luxurious but less expensive than a slightly used Lexus.

Agree with same. There are lots of cars out there that are officially midsize, standard transportation that, if bought in the top of the line model, would be every well equipped and more or just as reliable as any Marque brand. The Avalon as mentioned, the standard Camry and Accords and even some newer Hyundai models are every bit as luxurious as top brands of just a few years ago. Reliability can be found anywhere too. Some of these luxury models DONOT perform as well as the makes they are based upon. Styling. For style sake, some times gets in the way. That’s why, IMHO, it’s mistake to look for cars in an over priced marque brand when there are better models priced much less, are more reliable and perform better. I agree too, check CR ratings for the final written word on performance but spend lots of time doing your own test driving.

Really, if luxury names mean that much, just have body shop paste the logo of your choice on the best car you can find for your self. Really, who cares other then the driver ?

I concur look at everything and see what you are happiest with.

For some models in Luxury brands are standalone and not available in parent brand. Eg Lexus IS series, Cadillac ATS, and some Infinity models. Check out Consumer Reports auto issue at library mainly on their reported reliability as tool not a bible.

The ES350 is a a comfortable vehicle but geezer mobile.

For some models in Luxury brands are standalone and not available in parent brand

The Acura TSX also. It’s a rebadged European Accord, so if you want one here in the States, you have to get a TSX.

@andrewRA - "The ES350 is a comfortable vehicle but geezer mobile. "

Hey, I resemble that remark! While the ‘profile’ of ES350 buyers is, well, older, it’s not a bad ride. Smooth, quiet, not wallowy, it’s really up to the driver whether they like it or not. My '96 ES300 handled just fine, I switched to it after 12 years with a GTI…

Toyota Avalon. Basically a Lexus without the nameplate price penalty.

That’s funny…because when we bought our Lexus Ex-350 back in 07…we got a better deal then the Avalon.