Lexus rx350 vs accura rdx

which one would you recommend any why pros and cons. personal experience would really be helpful

I’ve been happy with my Acuras. Good quality, no problems, good dealer service, good warranty. I don’t necessarily care for the suspension or information system though. I believe some Toyota dealers have gotten a lot of complaints. Suit yourself though.

I prefer the Acura, finding the Lexus interior a bit glitzy and the materials not very nice. The Acura is a more straightforward design, not hyper-elegant, but tasteful. The Acura also seems roomier to me, especially the back seat and cargo area, but both are roomy enough for most uses. The Lexus has been the perennial best-seller in this class, so resale values should be high. The Acura isn’t as well known.

FWIW, prefers the RDX, and so does But maybe you should compare the Acura MDX to the RX 350. They are in the same size class. Test drive them if you haven’t already.

I’d recommend that you ignore the opinions of others and buy the one you like best. They’re both excellent choices.

My neighbor’s wife, who knows nothing about cars, but works at a hospital 20 miles away has had an Acura RDX for 7 years now and it has been flawless and completely reliable, over that period; it still has its original battery.

I will remind her that the timing belt needs to be changed, because her husband, who has a Honda CRV is equally car ignorant.

The RDX has very good handling as well and would be one of my choices if I HAD TO HAVE an SUV.

I know more people who own the Lexus but those customers want the cushy and quiet RX over the Acura which is more fun to drive. The MDX would be a closer comparison to the Lexus. Everyone has their own opinion and expectations for a vehicle. Choose the one that you like the best.

As mentioned, the Lexus would be more cushy and soft. The Acura, I believe dropped the V6 and now has a turbo 4, friend had one and was not happy about the gas mileage (but never could tell me what he was getting/figure!). The Lexus is also a bit bigger, but smaller than the 7 passenger MDX. The MDX is a great car. Some more pricey maintenance items like the HID lights and the rear diff is needy as far as oil changes go.

FWIW, have another friend who traded a Highlander for the Lexus and is not happy with the decision. States only has the name badge. I say test drive them all.

It’s the opposite. The RDX had a turbo 4, now a V6. The RX is in between the two Acuras. The MDX has 3 row seats.

Any of these would be a great choice.

thank you everyone for all your opinions and feedback… yes will test drive both…

Honda and Toyota make competing models but try real hard to differentiate themselves from one another hoping

to appeal to a particular type of customer. If you don’t take advantage of this, you may not end up with the best car for you Imo. Both, are very reliable and unless your life style demands the features of one over another, I would make this a personal choice and spend a lot of time driving each in the way you will use it. I would make this a truly personal decision.

From a mechanical standpoint . . . Acura has the more sophisticated suspension and steering setup

By far

This is most likely the reason why lots of people find the Acura more fun to drive

I’ve got no opinions about the reliability and resale value. Should be pretty good for both, I would think