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Acura sound system

A bought a used Acura a while ago and recently had to replace the battery. Now I have to enter a code to get the sound system to work. Ichecked the manual and entered the code. It didn’t work. I called Acura USA and gave them the VIN and serial # for the system (that I got from the manual)…they gave me the code I already tried. They also gave me a second code which also didn’t work. They’re suggestion was to have it pulled out to check the serial #. This will cost about $100.00. Is this really my only option? It seems a little ridiculous.

Perhaps the radio was replaced before you got the car, and the code is different from the original radio. The only way to be sure is to check the serial number of the radio. The radio will not work without the correct code.

I have pulled many radio’s just to get a serial number. Anyway you can do the pulling?