Dysfunctional Emission system on Acura

I have a '97 Acura 3.5RL with 160,000 miles and is no longer under warranty. It is a fantastic car but now I am being told that the emission system must be replaced at a cost of $2500! I would like to hear discussion on what happens if I do not have this repaired. I live in a state that doesn’t operate under a Clean Air act so there are no legal ramifications for driving the car with the dysfuntional system. I planned to drive the car for another 40,000 miles.

I take it your check engine light is on?? They read the codes and told you “that will be $2500” right??

As long as it is running okay, no other serious issues, bank the $2500 and drive on…

More detail please.

Post the codes here. They look like “P0123”.

The check engine light is on. I am not a mechanic so don’t know the codes. The service manager at the dealership explained this to me as being a necessity or else would eventually destroy my engine. The car is 12 years old already. My thinking is that I drive it anyway hopefully until 200K and then replace with some version of hybrid in a year or two when the prices have come down and the technology has advanced.

How would I get the codes? Will they tell me? I am a single female so this is always a problem.

Many auto parts stores, like AutoZone, will read the codes for free.
There’s a connector under the dash for a handheld scanner. Only takes a minute.

The dealer should have put the codes on any paperwork if they did a real estimate or diagnosis.

Plenty of single men get taken too. The thing to do is plan and prepare, try to look confident.

When the CEL came on trouble codes were posted to the onboard computer that controls your engine and its emissions. These codes reveal the exact cause the computers distress. Find out what they are and post them back here and perhaps we can be more helpful…

Thanks. I’ll find out!