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2012 Chevy Malibu Stereo Locked

i bought another stereo from Ebay, but its shows locked on the screen.

How to unlock stereo for 2012 chevy malibu?

Any suggestions?

If the seller did not supply an unlock code I would suspect the stereo could be stolen.

Contact the seller for the code to release the stereo. This is probably the anti theft feature that makes the radio unusable if it is stolen. When power is lost for more than a few minutes it goes to a lockdown mode. The owner should have the code to restore it. Hopefully the seller was the legitimate owner.

Thanks for the input.

They have provided the VIN number of car from where they got this stereo. will that help?

VIN # will not help as the owner can change the code at any time. Go back to the seller and get the code. If they cannot give you the code, ask for your money back. If they are unable or unwilling to give the code or return the money contact the police, as @sgtrock21 says the radio is probably stolen.

ebay will refund your money if they cannot provide the code.

Actually on the Item listing itself they have already written that they are not response for any code. Buyer has to contact to dealership only.

Did you contact a dealer for the code?

I can’t imagine the dealer coughing up the code for free . . . especially because they will KNOW that the radio is no longer in the car it’s “supposed” to be in

When I was at the Benz dealer, we provided the code for free to those owners who had simply lost the code, and the radio was still installed in the correct vehicle . . . as a courtesy

In other cases . . . no cash, no code :neutral:

db4690: I was thinking about the same thing. If the dealership is even willing to get involved they should be expected to charge for the service. I’m guessing OP now wishes they had gone to an automotive stereo shop and had a new aftermarket unit installed.

I thought it was interesting that our Acura no longer has a radio code. I wanted the code so I could write it down in three different places but they said they no longer need them because the radios are so integrated now. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to pull one out. Kinda like wheel locks on wire wheel covers I guess.

If a dealership provides a code, even if they charge a fee, isn’t the dealership sort of short-circuiting the anti-theft function of the code? If so, maybe there’s no good reason for radio manufacturers to even use that code system any longer.

GM cars require the radio to be programmed to the car, it isn’t a code that you key in like on a Honda. A dealer will be able to program it, expect them to charge at least half an hour labor.

Thanks guys for your comments.

@ Nevada_545 yes i did contacted dealership, they are charging $130 - $150 for doing that.

any other solutions or options?

Any other solutions? Yes, return the unit if you can then go to a real auto audio shop and get a unit with all the features you want with warranty.

Yes, return it. If the seller refuses, ebay will probably refund the money. Open a case with ebay before the time limit expires.

okay, yeah looks like that’s the good option.

Thank you guys. with my colleague’s help i was able to solder it and my AUX is working now.

Glad you got the problem resolved OP. You did a work-a-round, right? You McGyver’d it!! Good for you.

The OP is probably gone but it would be nice to know if the original radio was repaired and if the Ebay replacement was returned.