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2003 Acura CL - Sound issues

The sound system in my Acura CL has been acting up lately. It’s like it can’t play “all” of the music I’m playing, or something. I thought maybe my car’s tweeters were shot but I’ve replaced both the woofers and tweeters and I still am hearing incomplete audio. Anyone know what it could be?

If you have replaced the speakers, what else could it be besides the radio itself?

Really don’t know what you mean by;

But clearly the head unit is failing. A new radio is in your future.

So I thought it was the tweeters because it’s almost always high pitched sound that is lost. So after doing some novice research into how speakers work I thought “oh clearly since the higher register sounds aren’t coming through anymore, I need to replace the tweeters since they produce higher frequency sounds”. But this had no effect to my dismay.

I have the type S CL with the navigation unit, if that changes anything. Thanks for the help so far

No, it changes nothing.