Acura GPS Clock at 0:00

Most if not all early 2000 Acura models had a failure in the GPS time clock where it set and stuck on 0:00. Honda/Acura was very nice and under warranty (18 years later) fixed the GPS at N/C. If you have this problem, call Acura customer service and they will call your Acura dealer so they can remove your GPS drive and send it to Alpine for a rebuild.


It’s good of Acura to take care of their customer’s like that. Especially on 18 year old cars. Is there a corresponding technical service bulletin?

George, I don’t think there was a service bulletin. My GPS had the glitch well over a year ago. I don’t think Acura knew about it until they received thousands of calls. Certainly the dealers didn’t know about it until Acura contacted them after many customers went to the dealer first, then the dots began to connect.

In any event, at least you got the problem fixed. And Acura stepped up to the plate. Good for them, and good for you. Happy motoring.

Why is an analogue clock twice as good as a digital one?

Answer- because when an analogue on breaks it is still right twice a day.