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Electrical or what

I have a 2004 Chev Impala with 75 thousand miles on it. When I turn the engine of the clock resets its self back to 12:00 and today my A/C clicked and went off the clock went to 12:00 and then the A/C came back on. It did it twice before I turned the A/C of. But, no matter what when I turn off the car the clock goes back to 12:00

Yes, you have an electrical problem. These are very hard to diagnose unless it can be isolated to a bad module. Connector problems, especially on modern cars, are very difficult to trace and find. Plan on leaving the car for a few days with a good mechanic who has a complete wiring diagram for the car. The amount of wiring put in modern cars is tremendous, and it takes time to isolate everything.

If the battery is not putting out enough voltage, this can happen and happened to me on a Ford Aerostar van. I think there is a good chance that you may just need a new battery.

I don’t think so, the battery is only two years old and the car start without a problem. The clock goes back to 12:00 even when I turn the car off and restart it right away. The A/C problem is while moving in the car, and and the battery light does not go on.

The next time you shut the engine off, turn the ignition to the “on” position, but do not turn the key all the way over to start. Does the clock show the correct time, or does it reset back to 12:00? If it doesn’t reset back to 12, but does when you then start the engine, I would still suspect the battery. I’ve had batteries give out after a year.

You are right. It was the battery because it doesn’t do it anymore. You have saved me alot of money and time. Thank you so very much. Thanks to the other person for your response also. Better to pay for a battery then have the electrical system checked and redone thats for sure.
Thanks again

I’ glad this solved the problem. I remember when cars had manually wound spring driven clocks. They kept good time if you remembered to wind them. Later, the clocks had an electric wind that would rewind the clock about every 2 minutes. If the battery voltage dropped too low, the clock would buzz.

Bravo, Triedaq ! Good Detective Work. Experience Sometimes Is The Best Teacher. A Round Of Stars For You !