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Accord instrument panel

We got a used instrument cluster for my sons accord from a salvage yard. Good news is that it fixed the problem. Bad news is that is has twice as many miles showing on the car now. Any way to reset it back to the correct miles for this car.

What year Accord? Digital or analog odometer?

Do you still have the old instrument panel? Honda may be different, but on my Toyota instrument panel I was able to remove the speedometer+odometer unit from the original instrument panel and transfer it to the new instrument panel. It was attached with just a few small screws. This way you have the correct odometer reading for your vehicle.

99 model with digital. I’ll see if he still has the old one.

The dealer can reprogram the odometer.

But why worry about the mileage on a 99 Accord? The wife drives a 98 Accord and the odometer/speedometer hasn’t worked in two years.

She just worry’s that it starts, runs, keeps her warm/cool, and is safe. And as long as it does that, it’ll be driven into the ground.


Guys, the odometer must reflect the vehicle mileage

As for the dealer reprogramming the odometer . . . I can see that this might be a tricky situation. How would OP prove that his car has only 120K, versus the 250K shown on the odometer?

Now, if OP has been a regular customer at a particular dealer, and his mileage has been diligently recorded at every service . . .

Agreed; the dealer may not even want to touch this. While not saying this is the case at all, the perception by the dealer may be that someone is trying to sweeten the pot and sell or trade the car the next day as a much lower miles vehicle.

What’s the first thing a service writer would think if asked to halve the mileage on a car, much less the mechanic being handed a repair order if it got that far…

My vote is for leaving it be. The car is 14 years old and it’s essentially wholesale material now anyway.

If Dealers can change the odometer, other people can too…I doubt dealers offer that service…

There should be a box on the car title or tag registration to mark if the odometer is showing the wrong mileage. Check it and be done with it. That will clear you of any legal issues next tag renewal and if you sell the car. Then, you just need to resolve yourself that it is not the right mileage.

Or, you can take the bad cluster and find someone who can fix it, like Module Master. Once reinstalled, you’ll have your old mileage back.

In the days of yore, we’d put a label on the door jamb, near the vin info label, that stated the mileage at time of replacement.
All anyone would need to do is…the math.
Now, eith your replacemant showing a differnet ( not zero as in new replacements ) mileage, i think you could do the same.