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Speedomoter Cluster

I have a 1994 Honda Accord DX 5 speed. As it was turning to 208,000 the odometer froze up. This was in mid April. The speedometer still works but the 2 mileage readings quit. About a week later it began to work for 9 miles, then froze up again. I called 3 mechanics. 2 said it would cost around $200 and one said $400. I went to one of the $200 guys and they said it was the speedometer cluster & that he would need to put a search out for the part because it was a rare part for my car. That was 2 weeks ago. Last week my odometer began working as though nothing happened and has been fine. If and when I ever hear back about the part what should I do? Go ahead and get it fixed or just say “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”

If you ever sell it, you already have to check the box next to “there is an odometer discrepancy.” Since you already have to do it, and since any cluster you get will also have the wrong mileage on it, then if the odo is the only problem, I’d just leave it. There’s probably grit or something caught in the odometer rollers that made them bind up and quit advancing. If it quits again and you want to keep track of estimated mileage, just add 300 to the tally every time you fill up (assuming you fill up when it’s on E). It won’t be super accurate, but it’ll give you an idea of when you need to get the oil changed.

In NH all that’s necessary on any vehicle over 15 years old is a bill of sale. A title isn’t even required. It’s a high mileage vehicle already anyway, and that’s reflected honestly in the odometer reading, so I wouldn’t get concerned.

In all honesty, I’d look for a boneyard replacement and swap it out, only so that I know when to change the oil. Then make an odometer discrepancy statement on the bill of sale when the time comes.