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Help - Mechanic hosed my odometer!

A recent trip to the garage resulted in a new computer for my 2001 Mits. Montero. It was only after the $1200 repair that the shop informed me that b/c said computer included a new odometer, the mileage would be reset to zero. He did give me a receipt with the original mileage, and I’d like to get this reset so I have no problems when I try to sell this gem. Any suggestions? I live in Washington, DC.

It can’t really be done-- if you could just dial in whatever mileage you wanted, it would be pretty darn easy to roll it back! You shouldn’t have too much trouble selling it, though, if you have a receipt that clearly states what the mileage was before and that it was reset to zero when the part was installed. If you really wanted to be on the safe side, you could have your mechanic sign some sort of statement to that effect and have it notarized. In most states when you go to sell it, you’ll need to do a little affidavit thingee on it where you certify that the odometer mileage is wrong and you enter the correct mileage. In my state, you don’t even have to do this once the car is ten years old.

I don’t know about your case, but I do know that Ford has a procedure for this. They can run the electronic odometer forward (but not backward) to match the reading on the replaced cluster. In any case, this shouldn’t cause any trouble at resell, you’ll just have to sign a statement that the real mileage is the current reading + xxxx.

take it to the dealer and it can be sent out and reset,if you were at the dealer they lied to you.

the new cars we can change in the garage but not yours.had the procedure been done as a copy file download you would not be here at all,independants can not save the info,then reload it after said part is replaced.

good luck

Maybe try this out:

Thanks so much for this link - this is exactly what i think is needed. Now I just need to find a shop that has the tools and software.