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Erratic cluster gage

I have a 2001 Civic Honda with and ‘erratic cluster gage’, which did not respond to the Honda online suggestion of doing something with the radio. The only solution is an expensive replacement of the whole cluster of gages. This has been ongoing for about 3 yrs., and will negatively impact my odometer statement when I sell (inaccurate milage) Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do?

I won’t suggest you buy one with lower milage. That would be illegal, but see if you can find one with the same mileage as yours at .

The Law is concerned only that you do not commit fraud.

  1. Replacement odometers must be common enough that the Law makes provision for it. In my state when you transfer title there is a place to sign off that the odometer is not correct. I don’t remember if you have to put in the correct mileage. Investigate how your state handles it.

  2. When the odometer (and gas gauge) in Dad’s '99 Escort was replaced (maybe under warranty), the Dealer had some magic way to set the new odometer to match the old one’s reading. Maybe that could be done with your replacement.

Thank you so much - both suggestions were helpful and gave me direction.

Check ebay, lots of car parts at good prices. I bought a replacement radio and a replacement AC/Heater control unit for an older Volvo much cheaper than dealer quotes and no problems.

Thanks to all. Now the only question is will my long-standing mechanic install a used cluster for me? If not, I’ll ask my brother-in-law. He can do anything. Matter of fact, I think I’ll start with him. He prefers I run mechanical and household things by him anyway. Thanks!!