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Instrument cluster

I have low mileage on my 98 grand caravan and need to replace the instrument cluster. I have been told that if I change it, my vehicle will display the mileage from the vehicle it came out of and not mine…IS THIS TRUE??

It’s obviously true with a number-roller odometer, but it’s also true with a digital odometer. The mileage number is stored in the cluster itself.

There are places that will adjust the mileage on instrument clusters for a fee, along with an explanation of why it’s necessary. Cluster failures do happen (as in your case), so there’s a need for it. A dealer might do it, or perhaps recommend a place to send it.

thank you so much for helping me…so if i bring the new cluster to a dealer before removing my current cluster they would set the new one to match?!

I may be wrong but I thought the BCM (body control module) is where the mileage was stored.

Well I might be wrong too, maybe it depends on the vehicle.

I’ve never personally done this so I can’t say with 100% certainty, but if they can’t/won’t do it, they should at least know who can. Like I said, there’s a need for this service because clusters do fail from time to time.

You also might have what Cougar talks about, where the mileage adjustment is done not in the cluster, but the BCM. That’s definitely something the dealer will know about.

I have replaced a few clusters on eary 90’s Astros and the mileage was in the cluster,like budd says its probably model dependant. I am sure some others are stored in the cluster also ,just not totaly sure which ones.

One thing I have found stored in the BCM (for GM) is security system features.

Punchy, I Know That On My Caravan With Digital Odometer Display, The Miles Changed With The BCM Change, Without Ever Touching The Cluster!
I temporarily changed BCMs myself before repairing and reinstalling my own.

Call your local dealer and ask about replacing a BCM. They will tell you that they have to have your vehicle there and remove the BCM and have a new one ordered with the correct mileage put on it. Ask about the cluster, too. I’ll bet they won’t need your car grounded there to get one ordered.

I don’t know what’s wrong with your cluster, but used ones are easily purchased near my home and cost very little. Be sure the cluster is at fault and not the BCM.

What’s wrong with your cluster? Who’s giving you this information? Is it he same person who’s diagnosing the cluster?