About Keyless Entry buttons


I have suzuki swift, I lock car with the lock button. But to open the car I don’t need to press the unlock button, I just press the small button on the door handle…,

So what the unlock button does?



It unlocks the door if you’re far away from the car and you want to let someone else in. :wink:

BTW, unless Suzuki is weird, you can probably press that same button on the door handle to lock the doors, too.

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On the Acura, I push the button on the handle to lock it. To unlock it, I grab the door handle, but it only works if the key fob is in my pocket.

Push and see what happens . You should be able to just open the door without pushing the door handle button . And if you push it twice all doors should unlock .

Imagine trying to get away from someone and you’re sprinting to your car. Do you rely on the door handle button or do you use the key fob to make sure the doors are unlocked?

Now imagine this scenario, You are trying to learn something about your own car. Do you rely on the owners manual or rely on someone else to read it for you


You can probably set which doors unlock when you touch the handle.

For example my mom has her 2010 Toyota Prius set to unlock all the doors when she touches the handle currently but when she was working on a college campus it felt safer to only have the drivers door unlock and she would use the button on the fob to open the rear hatch or other doors if needed.

ok, I have a better idea now. I’ll experiment a bit…
Btw I don’t have a car manual, it’s a used car.

Thank You!

Use your search engine and you can find a free owners manual down load .

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You’ll have to track down a manual somewhere. How else will you know what maintenance to perform?

Here’s a place to start,

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Thanks, I had found it on another site, forgot which.