2020 Lincoln Continental - Fob foibles

If I have my key fob i still can’t open my back or passenget door when the doors are locked.

Is this a new problem ? Have you looked in the owners manual to see if you can change the lock and unlock settings ? Also you should still be in the warranty period .


Have you tried pressing the unlock button twice in a row? That usually unlocks driver’s door then the rest. Works that way on many cars. But your owners manual would answer that…

Unless the OP has driven a LOT of miles since purchase, this 2020 Lincoln should still be covered by the Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty, which covers everything on the car–with the exception of collision damage or abuse by the owner.

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Child safety locks on?

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Hit the unlock button twice. That’s common on Fords.

If you have a proximity key (which you probably do), then usually only the drivers door or the front two doors will have the touch sensors that automatically unlock the door when you touch the door handle with the fob on your person.

The owners manual states that there are unlock switches on each exterior door handle.

There might be a personal setting that disables the other doors to prevent intruders from entering.

What Is the Lincoln LED Lock Indicator?
2 stage unlock on 2nd half of video.

If you want a single button press to open all doors this might be possible. The owner’s manual will tell you if you can change fob programming and how to do it. Hondas work that way and I think your Lincoln does too.

He is using a proximity key, you don’t need to push a button to unlock the door.

Mine is a proximity key too.

On my GM it is one click opens the drivers door and the second one (within a few seconds) opens the other doors. No idea on the Acura since you just touch the door handle. Gotta be pretty standard programming.

I hate to keep saying this people. ** Read you damn manual**. Copied directly from the manual.


Press the button.The direction indicators flash.You can then use the exterior door handle switch to unlock the door.

Press and hold both the lock and unlock buttons on the remote control for three seconds to change between driver door or all doors unlock mode. The direction indicators flash twice to confirm the change. Driver door mode only unlocks the driver door when you press the unlock button once. All door mode unlocks all doors when you press the unlock button once. The unlocking mode applies to the remote control, keyless entry keypad and intelligent access.You can also change between the unlocking modes using the information display controls. See General Information.

I know the manual looks daunting and they now are mostly legally required warnings, but they contain 99% of the information concerning the care and feeding of your car.

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