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Car doors not unlocking automatically after turning off ignition and taking key out

Dears Users,
I’m Using Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. Till last month my car used to unlock doors automatically while taking the key out.
Now the problem is :
After turning off the ignition & taking the key off Car doors are not unlocking automatically. If doors are unlocked manually from inside by pressing unlock button situated in the car, doors are unlocking. If I unlock the doors manually and open the doors, I’m unable to lock the car with the remote key after closing the doors. Some one please help me.

Thanks & Regards,

Was any elecronic component recently replace ?
Has the battery been dead recently ?
Either of those might require re-progrmming.

The key-in-ignition switch may be stuck/failing. The system may believe that a key is in the ignition. Do you hear a warning chime when the door is open?

I am in agreement with ken green that this sounds like the type of reprogramming issue that crops up after electrical power has been disconnected for any reason. I suspect that the OP had recent battery problems, but we need a response to the questions that ken green posed.

I recently change my battery, Now when ignition off but door not unlocked automatically, ignition on when door lock automatically but when gose off not unlocked automatically.
What should i fo for that !!!

How this problem was resolved???