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Lock and unlock car door

Hi, I have a curious question. I bought a 2014 Ford Escape SE Ecoboost 4wD.
When I arrive at my destination and I open my driver’s side door, I notice that all 4 doors are open . I had a Focus and Escape before and the other 3 doors are always locked when I got out of the car. I followed instructions in the manual, asked the salesman (he could not explain this ) and tried all kinds of combination clicking the key fob.
Any ideas?

It’s the way the body control module is programmed. It MIGHT be possible to reprogram it, but unless the owners’ manual provides instructions of the dealer parts guy can access them, you’ll just have to get used to it.

The owners manual has instructions on how to enable or disable the auto lock/auto unlock features;

Enabling or Disabling Autolock and
Note: Your authorized dealer can perform
this procedure, or you can do the procedure
To enable or disable these features, do the
Note: You will have 30 seconds to
complete the procedure.

  1. Switch the ignition on.
  2. Press the power door unlock button
    three times.
  3. Switch the ignition off.
  4. Press the power door unlock button
    three times.
  5. Switch the ignition on. The horn will
    sound indicating your vehicle is in
    programming mode.
    Autolock: Press the power door unlock
    button then the lock button. The horn will
    sound once if disabled or twice (one short
    and one long) if enabled.
    Autounlock: Press the power door lock
    button then the unlock button. The horn
    will sound once if disabled or twice (one
    short and one long) if enabled.
    After programming the feature, switch the
    ignition off. The horn will sound once
    indicating programming is complete.
    Note: You can enable or disable the
    autounlock feature independently of the
    autolock feature.

unbelievable, why do they make cars so complicated. Guess I will have to
take a trip to the dealer. Thanks everyone for answering

This car is probably sold in many different places in the world. In some countries folks prefer that all the doors open when the drivers door is opened. In other countries folks prefer only the driver’s door opens. The manufacturer builds in both capabilities I guess, then programs it the way people want in the country where the car is being sold. But they can forget to do this, or sometimes it is programmed correctly, then something else is programmed and that accidentally erased the first programming. Or just that kids in the car start pressing buttons and that changes the programming. My neighbor told me his kids pressed the buttons on the dash of his Ford Taurus while he was buying a soda at 7-11 and whatever they did, it confused the car so much he had to have it towed to the dealership.

Pretty much what you need to go through with any new car. Some are easier than others. Question though, do you mean the door lock button on the door or the key fob? My Pontiac uses the key fob for some items.

I remember I couldn’t believe the procedure for my Aurora on resetting the idle. Without the factory manual it would have been a trip to the dealer. Something like key on, gas pedal to the floor three times, key off, etc. Don’t remember now. It just insures that once you do it though it won’t be erased by accident. Oh, and don’t ever disconnect the battery without a memory saver.

This might even be mandated in some countries.