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Ask Someone: 2011 Kia Sorento - Only driver's door unlocks

anyone having problems with doors not unlocking except the drivers door. Have to have my son climb over seats to open doors.

Try pressing the un-lock button twice to unlock the rest of the doors. Instructions should be in the owners manual on the operation and settings for the door locks.

Car owners in Europe and many other countries often prefer to have all the doors open when that button is pressed. Americans – perhaps b/c we worry more about crime here, car hijacking and the like – prefer only the driver’s door open. For this reason the manufacturers usually set the door software up so it can work either way, European or American mode. Sometimes while you are pressing buttons on the console you can accidentally switch it from one mode to the other. Like when you accidentally switch from 12 hour clock mode to 24 hour clock mode.

I have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. The default is press the fob once to unlock the driver’s door, press a second time within 2 seconds to unlock the other doors. There is also a setting I can access via the UConnect system to change this so that 1 press opens all the doors. Also, with the keyless entry, touching the driver’s door only opens that door, but touching the front seat passenger’s door unlocks all the doors. The hatchback, of course, is operated separately.