2005 Park Av Buick

Front doors at times will not unlock. The actual unlock on the panel moves to unlock position when you click unlock either from inside the car or on the key. The back doors will open. I did have this happen some months ago on the pass door after a time it worked again. Now in the last few days both front doors have done this. Have to crawl outthe back seat or out the window like dukes of hazard. Could it be some kind of safey lock or sometihng going on. Sometimes by just sitting it will work normal. I seen this below. Could that be it? But why the pass door too?

Driver Door Module (DDM)
The driver’s door module (DDM) directly controls the driver’s door lock actuator motor. The DDM receives and forwards the driver’s door switch lock request messages to the remote function actuator

If the inside slide is being moved to the unlocked position, the actuators are fine. The linkage has become disconnected from the lock. There is a plastic clip that connects the linkage to the lock. It probably became brittle from age and broke apart.


If the linkage is disconnected how would it work sometimes and sometimes not work. It just decides to lock up at times. After some amount of unknown time it will start to work again. A friend was thinking could it be the stupid automatic locks, something I have always hated, was locking up even when not moving or running.

Do you know if the battery connection goes bad while in the car and you have the doors locked windows closed you are not getting out of that car. Some kind of stupid un-safety device.

Ask your shop to test if the door-unlock signal is reaching the solenoid that controls the lock. If it is, then the problem is with the lock mechanism itself; e.g. rusted or broken linkages, or maybe just needs a little lube. If no unlock signal present, then the problem is in the door-lock switch or the vehicle’s wiring or electronics.

I got the door to open today by disconnecting the battery. Opened with the key easy. Otherwise I would have likely broken the key off in the door with the battery connected. It has unlocked no problem since. I do not manually lock it but the auto lock does come on and goes off as I park it. The passenger door is still locked. It has no key, bad design.

Is there one solenoid for both front doors? Are the back doors separate. If there is only one for all 4 doors that rules that out.

It does say unknown driver when I first get into the car. If that means anything.

“Unknown driver” sounds like the correct problem to solve, not the door lock issue.

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