here’s some information…did you see this? what do you think?

thanks for your thoughtful response. Email talk is cheap, you are so right and sometimes “feedback” on
the internet is often just disgruntled folks b’sing and sounding off. hardly scientific.

I guess what I wonder is: Is there some reputable organization (consumer reports? etc) who has actually
tried this kit out and has something to say about it good or bad?

Sometimes, rarely, things that are too good to be true, can be. (some recent alternative medicines
solutions are an example…but the mindset of folks is so constricted, they dont take advantage of it.
for instance, my own doctor, wanted me on cholesterol rx (which has many side effects, some detrimental
to heart function (deplets CoQ10 for ex)… I tried fish oil and nothing else and lowered my cholesterol
without any side effects whatsoever)…he now prescribes that for his patients and takes classes in
alternative medicine…for a dr. that’s a big step.) So I guess i am HOPING that there IS SOME TRUTH
to this system…

I am attaching some information on it.


Doesn’t work…it CANNOT work!

Hi Lab Geek

thanks…this is the discussion I was looking for… I dont have cable so cant see the show mythbusters
described here. BUT it also sounds like they didn’t truly test the thing either…

I WISH this were true, but it is looking like not. Why didn’t someone install the KIT in an actual
car and run it? wouldn’t that be the thing to do, not just test lab substances, etc.?

thanks Geek. Theresa

You are looking for someone who has tried this and we keep telling you it doesn’t work. Why don’t YOU just buy it and report back to us on the results.

Seriously, if you search the web you will find dozens of these “devices.” At best, these folks simply don’t understand basic thermodynamics; at worst, it’s a scam. If there was any legitimate technology available to support these claims it would already be installed on every new car. The fact that no “reputable organization” bothers with this stuff should tell you something.

The correct two-step procedure is actually much simpler and the results are guaranteed:

  1. Sell your old car.
  2. Buy a Prius, or other hybrid.

exactly. hybrids aren’t that expensive.

Okay, we give up, buy one and install it. It’ll save the universe from destruction.

I read the so-called press-release, and it is utter hogwash. No one’s allowing them to test? Balderdash. Companies constantly test new technologies. Name a car company, they’re testing.

The way this press-release goes ON and ON and ON about this point should give you a clue. If it doesn’t, I’ll tell you what I BELIEVE their plan is: To separate as many people as they can from their money.

Isn’t there a perpetual motion machine inventor you’d rather invest in?

Guys, this person is clearly a SHILL!

Thank you Ranck for pointing out what I was tempted to say. If he/she was sincerely just asking about this scam product, would he/she have posted a link to the same scam press release multiple times?? Definitely a shill, IMHO.

GET OFF THIS SITE PLEASE,you’re just some used car salesman trying to promote your useless piece of crap product,hence all the web links.goooo away.

One more time. This is not information. It seems that you salted this post to try to post a lame scam. Ive been around auto engineering far too long. If YOU belive it spend YOUR money, but stop wasting time here. Please nicely go far away.

Yep, another shill has entered our midst.

A member of another forum I haunt is apparently part of the group pitching this nonsense. He promised to show us results. Needless to say, nothing has been posted to date. But since one of the methods thet tout as part of the whole package you can buy to “prepare” for the vaporware PICC is the long-ago-debunked magnetic fuel line gadget.

Pardon me, but I think I’ll go outside now and fertilize my garden with that press release…

no doubt this person, or another clone, will resurface in the near future trying to peddle this scam once again.

this site gets a lot of hits and if only a dozen suckers get reeled in at those prices then they’ve done their job well.

what “theresa” should do (or Bob, Ralph, or whatever their real name is) is ship me one of these items prepaid and i’ll be glad to give it a fair, unbiased test. if it works (ha, imho) i’ll not only reimburse you for the one you sent but will gladly buy a few more.
i’ll also be on this site singing its praises every day.

Wrong buddy…not salting (whatever that means) this post to post a “lame scam>” Just seeking
information. would have loved to hear from someone who actually TRIED this kit and whether or
not it actually did ANYTHING good for their mileage.

Stop wasting YOUR time ascribing motives to people that they dont have.

NOT a shill you silly asses. I just wanted informed opinions, not off the cuff dismissals from people
who dont actually know first hand anything about it.

I believe it is not viable at this point anyhow and am not purchasing the kit.

But dont get carried away with yourself and your powers of divining people’s motives…you simply
dont know that and in this case you are dead wrong. so enjoy

No, I am not a SHILL…thanks for saying that though. Just wanted REAL data, not emotional responses
and CURSING from people who have never tried/tested, etc. this thing.

I am NOT going to buy it without real information period.

thanks for calling me a shill though. Always nice.

Wrong on all counts. I am Theresa, not bob or ralph etc. Not trying to sell anything here.

just wanted REAL FACTS, not emotional responses from people and thought this MIGHT be a place to get
that, but no… apparently you all enjoy cussing people out (not you) or calling them names etc.

Whatever. At any rate, if I were to spend $1000 why would I give it to you? Dont think so Ok4450

I am just suprised that NO ONE tried this thing and there is no real information/factual/scientific
available on it.

I WISH it did work, it would be great, but not willing to risk the money on it and find out it is
a piece of crap (as most of you believe it to be). I cant afford to sell my car (2005 Hyundai 5 speed
sonata) but I have found that fueling early in the am gets me 20-22 mpg in town, which works for me.
And not letting my tank go below 1/2 full also. On the road, I already get 33mpg, but most of my
driving is in town. Cant afford a prius and HATE the LOOK of it. Like Honda hybrid, not the price

so thanks again and dont call me a shill please. Thank you.