Hi out there… has anyone purchased/used


Does it work? It is supposed to increase

gas mileage ten fold (or more) There is a website to go to for infromation:

www.picctv.com It for example advertises a 2001 Hyndai accent going from 33mpg


The only thing it does is pad someone elses pocket. Don’t waste your money.

How do you KNOW that? did you or someone you know TRY this kit out?


It is a scam. There is no way a hybrid modification will “increase gas mileage ten fold (or more)” This can not happen without violating a few laws of physics. It is also not possible to convert any car to a good hybrid for $1,000. It is also, the idea of fuel cell and hybrid are two totally different concepts.

The world, especially the internet, is full of these scams.

IF any of these ideas DID work, vehicle manufacturers would have them in their vehicles already.

Think about it for a minute. The vehicles would sell like hotcakes.

Doesn’t everyone (at least the hardest working class) want to own and drive a vehicle that gets fantastic fuel mileage, especially with the way fuel prices are skyrocketing?

Strip the oil companies of the power to suck our bank accounts dry at every fuel fill-up and it just might happen. But that’s JMHO.

Easy lad, there’s no need for that language to get your point across.

Subtle, have you ever considered a career in international diplomacy?


thanks…you are funny!!! LOL


it’s a scam, just like every other gimmick that promises the moon.
the only reason these these gimmicks (fuel savers, weight loss, work at home, money in real estate foreclosures, etc., etc.) persist is because out of the roughly 300 million people in the u.s. one can safely assume 50% are gullible suckers.

every time i see yet another post about this crap, and especially if someone is eager to argue the point, it only makes me think the % of suckers should be higher or the person bringing it up has a vested interest in selling the scam.

your own words should be enough; “too good to be true”.

If you put ‘picctv’ in the above search engine, you’ll see a lot of these same comments and more. You’re not the first to ask about it, and hopefully, didn’t send any of these jerks any money. This is a scam, and feeds off your frustration and ignorance. This BS will not only lighten your wallet, but may damage or destroy your car.

What language? Rocketman

I know of some fuel cells that come with Nitrous kits. They give you some increased HP but the fuel consumption drops down below 1 MPG. Never heard of the fuel cell as a hybrid though.

There was an answering post here with a lot of profanity that I commented on. It seems the lackeys deleted it.


As you can see, everyone is highly skeptical. Asking questions is a good way to determine if there is any truth to the claims. You can also look on line for unbiased sources of information. Major publications, consumer advocates, or technical government organizations often provide unbiased tests of such devices. Their gig is being a fair reviewer so that they will be called on again to provide the same service. Snake oil salesmen like the one you referenced here can’t often afford to buy technical talent to push their agenda, so just about any third party is a good reference. Email traffic is cheap, and who knows who the real poster is? BTW, bought technical talent refers to university or small company testers that depend on the money the organization pays them to put meals on the table.

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