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I'm Shocked

Who said “We’ll build your car” in the Chrysler 200 commercial, and in fact narrated the whole thing? Bob Dylan?! That’s amazing.

Hey I was thinking that was Bob Dylan in that commercial tonight but wasn’t 100% sure.

As long as the subject of (car-related) Superbowl ads is up, what about that Maserati ad? A bunch of kids saying, “We’ll wait till they get fat, complacent and sleepy…then we pounce”?

Was that ersatz “children of the corn” ad a dig at the big three (or two, or whatever)? Pretty bold for an ad on American football! (Or maybe it was directed at Ferarri…or even Mercedes.)

Basically the ad was so poor at communicating its point that I don’t even know if I should be offended or not!

It didn’t look like Bob but I believe it was. He has aged quite a bit but they must have used a lot of makeup. I also thought it was really strange that they didn’t use their new name of Fiat Chrysler, no longer with headquarters in the US, and pretended they were still a US company.

OK, now what really has me going is VW’s claim to have more cars on the road with 100K miles on them than any other brand. I think its purely BS. I believe they used a company that took average yearly miles for cars times the age of the cars for 49 countries. There must be other abnormalities in their figures since they aren’t exactly the best selling cars. So seems like they are saying a ten year old VW should have over 100K on it whether it does or not, so would favor a bunch of old cars with low mileage compared to newer better selling cars. Really a stretch.

Do the Europeans still think we are all that stupid to fall for this stuff?

I also laughed at the Maserati ad. I don’t think they were aiming at Ferrari since Fiat owns both. More likely competition are the luxury brands.

Yeah, I think the Maserati ad for their new mid sized sedan was aimed at MB, BMW, and Audi.

I did think the Audi A3 “Doberhuahua” ad was funny.

I liked that ad, texases, but I totally missed that it was selling cars until you pointed it out.

Me too. Wife and I were discussing the ads we like this morning, remembered that one, couldn’t come up with the product. I had to look it up. So funny, yes, but a good ad, no.

I missed the game. I didn’t sit down to watch it until the third quarter. I sat down, turned the TV on, saw the score (29 to zip), and started doing something else. There’s no point watching a game that’s an obvious blowout.

No disrespect to Baltimore. It just wasn’t their day. It happens.


The Denver Broncos might as well been the Ravens since they weren’t in the game either.

Um… Denver. Mea Culpa.

@Bing VWs are very popular in developing countries and all over Latin America where labor is cheap. I hired a VW Jetta and driver in Brazil for the weekend to tour us around. The car had 500,000 km on it. VWs in Brazil and other countries are continuously rebuilt, and don’t have a lot of the mandatory stuff on them that they have here. In Europe drivers are smart enought to sell them when the warranty is over; these cars end up in Afrcia and Asia. They then lead a whole new life with many systems disabled and fixed with knock-off Chinese parts.

VW is also a major player in China, with even lower labor costs and an infinite supply of bogus parts.

I think I missed the Maserati ad. Might have fallen asleep with all that excitement in that game. NOT!! Felt kind of sorry for Peyton Manning, wish his team had bothered to show up for the game.

All the ads are available for viewing on the internet now.
I viewed them, and was dismayed to realize that political correctness has set in over the years. Sexy is out, and advertisers walk on tippytoes to prevent accidentally offending any special interests. Heck, TV stations don’t even show cheerleaders anymore between plays. The thought police have changed life forever. As the bible says, “the meek shall inhibit the earth”.

I see cheerleaders on TV during the regular season.

The Oikos commercial was pretty sexy…

Jt, not like they used to be. In the old days cheerleaders were celebrated between plays. There was a big controversy many years ago about it being sexist and, of course, the media acquiesced and toned that all back.

That’s sexy? Sorry Oblivion, but if that’s sexy, the meek truly have inherited the earth.

Watch some Latino TV. They celebrate being sexy. And it’s wonderful. Sophia Vergara, Charo, and countless Latino stars bring life to their media what we’re afraid to bring to our media.

Yes, hmmm, we used to have a latino for an affirmative action enforcer. She would love to wear low cut attire, then challenge people to not look at her and chastise them and call it harrassment if they did. Totally different culture.

I hope it was a ‘latina’, and not a ‘latino’…