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Crazy car commercials

After watching a video from some other country for what turned out to be the Subaru XV, it made me remember a commercial for the Hyundai Veloster from awhile back. Searching for the Veloster commercial lead me to the depths of youtube to find some other crazy commercials

Subaru XV



Ford SportKa

What about this Mazda pick-up commercial?

wow. I m a ford guy but I may have to re think that after watching a cat getting choked out and the bird getting the stuffing knocked out of it. did those ads air in the U.S. ? I m not a big fan of p.e.t.a. but they would have had a field day with those commercials.

My fav was in the olden days, each car has a free cordless cigarette lighter!

The Street/SportKa is a Euro car, made in Poland


In 2006, two commercials advertising the Ford SportKa proved controversial when it received complaints for its content. The first commercial included a pigeon flying away, and being whacked and killed by the bonnet of the car.[35] The second advertisement saw the SportKa opening its sunroof, to let a cats head in. The sunroof then closes and beheads the cat.[36] After many complaints, these advertisements were taken off air and they were not shown again.

Personally, I found them funny. No animals were actually harmed in the making of the commercials.

I also edited the first post because I posted the XV commercial twice; the Veloster commercial is now up

My favorite car commercial was for a VW bug. It was either a foreign commercial or a spoof of a commercial. A terrorist drives up in front of a crowded restaurant and arms his bomb. The windows are still up on the Beetle and it contains the explosion. All you see is bits of this and bits of that stuck to the inside of the windows of the little bug. The restaurant patrons just kept on eating…oblivious to the carnage outside in the VW. All I could find was the British version of the commercial.

yeah @bscar2 , they were kinda funny, but the sad truth is that many people kill or drop off cats for the mortal sin of a few foot prints on their hood. you d be surprised at the number of people who think nothing of putting out a nice cup of anti-freeze for kitty

I’m pretty sure it’s parody. But I would not buy a car from Big Bill Hell’s

NSFW (strong language) or polite company, or anyone under the age of 17

A few of my favorites:

One more:

Any of the old farts here remember the Javelin ad, where a kid is working on a Javelin with a blower sticking out of the hood? The father comes up, points and the kids says “It a supercharger. Makes a LOT MORE HORSEPOWER!!!” Then he hits the thottle a couple of times. Dad reaches inside to turn the ignition off, “where’s the full length carpeting, center console, and fully reclining bucket seats???” “Useless weight at the drag strip dad!” Commercial ends with the dad chasing the kid around the car, while the kid yells “IT’S A GREAT CAR DAD!! I ONLY MADE IT BETTER!!”

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I recall one where a teenaged boy shows up in “his” car (a beat-up Del Sol, I remember that much) and his girlfriend’s Mom makes him switch cars with her…some brand of minivan…that apparently carried a 5-star safety rating. I guess I’m still too much of a delinquent teenager at heart…but he shows up in a CAR WITHOUT A BACKSEAT and mom GIVES HIM A MINIVAN to take her daughter out on a date!!! I “get” the point of the commercial, but the logistical advantages thereof were immediately apparent to me…and, I would have assumed, every single adult in the viewing audience.

I hate cutthroat advertising and stupid against common sense commercials,the Saturn and Jeep commercials used to really get my Goat,at least GM finally slacked off a bit on their “apples and oranges” commercials(my not favorite,was when they hooked a 3.0 Ranger bumper to bumper ,with a 4.3 S-10,with an easily predictable outcome{didnt impress me in the slightest}
My favorite commercials had to be the Nissan ads and the KIA Hamster ads,really stupid commercials actually keep me from buying a product and its funny how the commercials aimed at certain Demographics dont really reflect the actual real world market(Saturn commercials really seemed to be off base around here)-Kevin

This past winter in the USA we had Acura ads where Santa was shown doing reckless driving. There were multiple ads with this theme and it was a bit disturbing.

Not to be a wet blanket but I didn’t find those commercials funny at all. I can’t believe people were really paid to come up with those. Talk about the European fixations and stereotyping. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t offended by any of them, I just thought they were silly and immature.

Remember the Dodge Ram ads that had the spokesman standing on an empty stage, talking about how tough the Dodge Ram is, and when he’s about done they drop a Ram truck onto the stage behind him? I guess we were supposed to be impressed the truck didn’t fall apart, but it didn’t impress me one bit. What WOULD have impressed me is if the announcer then got into the truck, started it up, and drove it away without the wheels wobbling around.

The Dukes of Hazzard made quite a few jumps with Dodges and never seemed to bend anything… :slight_smile:

One of my favorites. Maybe there’s a correlation between the 2 professions… :slight_smile:

How many General Lees were there?

256; maybe more.

Oh, here’s the commercial I was referring to:

Mom must really want to become a grandma…

Yeah they certainly wouldn’t show a General Lee with a bent frame or blown tires in an edited TV show.

Back when there used to be the dare devils come to town to jump ramps, run on two wheels etc. I remember the stock 61 Fords that they used. Never saw any damage on them but every year they would have new cars. No idea what kind of reinforcements they did to the frames and suspension though.