A Leaking Jeep Patriot

I recently purchased a 2008 Jeep Patriot only to discover after a short while that the sun roof leaks. I had it to the dealer twice and they adjusted the sun roof each time. On the third trip to the dealer they replaced the sun roof. On the fourth trip to the dealer they once again adjusted the sun roof. During this time the radio had to be replaced twice due to the fact the water comes in through the dome light and soaks the center console. Who knows what other damage was done or that will surface over time due to the leaks. I called Chyrsler direct and the response was a call from the dealer to bring the car in so they could look at it for the fifth time.

I do not trust the car or the dealers to fix the problem, but I am not sure what to do? Do I file papers under the Lemon Law or put my faith in the dealer that they will eventually solve the problem. My last option would be to sell the car but then I stand to lose a lot of money.

Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Tom Cassidy

I would follow the “keep coming back” until you are satisfied with the result.
Assuming it is warranty work,they should offer another set of wheels if you need such, until they complete repair to you’re satisfaction. Do not sign-off until you are. Also, any other electrical damage should be repaired or replaced. In other words you should be “made whole”. Don’t cave in. I guess if if all else fails, file under the “Lemon Law”.

I purchased my 2008 Jeep Patriot in August 2008 and have had the same problem you’ve described. When it first happened (currently in the shop for the 3rd time for same problem), I went online and found that this is apparently a widespread problem with this car and seems to happen even with the models that don’t have the sunroof. They have also replaced my sunroof and this did not solve the problem. It is now leaking from the interior dome light as well from what appears to be somewhere on the windshield. KEEP THOROUGH RECORDS!!! Document everything. I’m not sure they seem to know how to fix this problem and invoking the Lemon Law may be your best bet. It probably varies from state-to-state so you should do some research and see what the specifics are for the Lemon Law in your state. They’d kept mine for 3 weeks during the last repair and after a great deal of complaining Chrysler ended up reimbursing me for my car payment for a month. Educate yourself about your rights and go from there. They should be motivated to keep the customers they have…

I have the same problem as well. I have had my Jeep to the dealership three times already. It still continues to leak. Also, MY jeep stalled as I was pulling out of a parking lot and almost got hit by a dump truck!!! I called chrysler today.

I feel your Pain. I will hopefully have Chrysler to agree to giving me a replacement vehicle (one with NO Sunroof) by the end of the week. At least that is what someone from their head office told me today. (Ihave been in contact with a local lemon law lawyer who told me to get everything together if they do not agree to replace it this time.) I have been talking with this guy for about 2 months now giving them 3 more (One More Chances) to fix this thing with no luck. Below is almost the full history of this 2008 Jeep patriot that has been in so far about 18 times to be worked on and been in the shop almost 90 days (87 total days so far). They have given me an Enterprise rent a car from almost day one. I hope no one else has had this many problems with their Patriot.

P.S. I should have never gotten rid of my 2007 Ram Hemi even if I was only get 12 mpg in the city. That gas scare really ticks me off now.

Vehicle: 2008 Jeep Patriot

Purchase Date:5/10/2008

Current Mileage: 21990

Purchased/service Dealer:
Hebert’s Town and Country
1155 East Bert Kouns Industrial Loop
Shreveport, LA, 71105

Date of service Mileage Problems Fixes / Replairs Servicing Dealer
07/31/2008 2315 suspesion pops retorqued suspension bolts Hebert’s Town and Country
hood is loose adjusted and tighted hood

8/11/2008 3789 suspension pops and creaks replaced rack and pinionand lower control arm
Leaking Sunroof could not reproduce leak

12/11/2008 7527 Drivers side seat belt buckle broke replaced seat belt buckle

6/19/2009 13566 defrost botton does not work replaced defroster cable
jeep shutters and low speeds and when stopping could not duplicate shutter

7/17/2009 14127 defrost botton does not work replaced defroster cable
Sunroof Leaking Again Adjusted sunroof drains

7/27/2009 14516 front suspension popping again tightened lower control arm and cradle bolts
*factory trailer harness not working replaced trailer tow harness
*Radio shorted out replaced radio

7/31/2009 14656 *Radio shorted out replaced radio

10/05/09 17556 Leaking Sunroof Again Resealed Sunroof
*Shorted out dome light Replaced Dome Light
*Shorted out sunroof switch replaced sunroof switch
Popping and creaking suspension Again Tightened suspension bolts and heat shield

10/14/09 17868 Sunroof Leaking Again Shimmed sunroof glass Hebert’s sent job downtown to Faries Tops

10/28/09 18421 Sunroof still leaking replaced rear seal and third brake light Hebert’s Town and Country
removed and cleaned and dried carpet

12/03/09 19188 Sunroof Still Leaking Rerouted drains Hebert’s sent job downtown to Faries Tops

12/14/09 19273 Sunroof Still Leaking Replace complete sunroof assembly Hebert’s sent job downtown to Faries Tops

1/22/10 21990 Sunroof inop Repaired chaffed wire Hebert’s Town and Country
*accessory plug and lighter plug does not work replaced fuse
*rear window wiper does not work replace rear wiper motor

AS of 1/29/10 it back in the shop again for a leaking sunroof. I talked to the service manager at the dealership and he stated that they have tried and replaced everything in the sunroof assembly and it still leaks and is ruining my electrical system, my leather seats and carpeting.

The bold items are reoccurring items:
Leaking Sunroof - 9 times
Suspension Problems - 4 times

  • denotes electrical issues I have had go wrong that I believe is associated with all the water leaking inside the vehicle: 7 items

I do not want this vehicle to have and electrical fire down the road with all the issues it is continuing to have.

My 2008 jeep patriot has been in the shop a collective 18 times over 87 days. It is currently still in the shop since last week. I have had it in 9 times for the sunroof leaking and 7 times to replace electrical items that shorted out because of the leaking sunroof. It first started to have this problem after 3 months 8/2008 and 2700 miles. I am tried of the dealership asking to give them one more try for the last year and a half. They keep blowing me off.

Is there only one Jeep Dealership in your area? Maybe you should try another one near by.

I have the same problem, but got the radio back. Try this before you spend $$$.
Pull the radio fuse (number 20 on the block) and check it. It will likely be fine. Then reinsert the fuse, this resets the entire radio/clock assembly to factory defaults. You can then reset the clock etc. Once that is done shut entire car off for a minute then restart it, radio should work fine now. You should wait till all moisture is gone from radio before you do this though.

Lets assume the people have solved their problems or replaced the vehicles in this 8 year old thread.

Not everyone trades in their vehicle every year. How about you face the fact that new info is useful and not be rude.