Jeep can't help me!

I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler, with a soft top. Ever since I picked it up in August, the roof has leaked over both doors.

I have had in in the dealership 4 times and to this day it still leaks and the dealership expects to fix it at least a 5th time.

They had a recall and replace the weatherstripping around the door and this has accomplished nothing. My interior has been soaked along with my seats.

The service advisor at the shop actually told me that Jeep does not have a solution to this problem. I feel at this point they should compensate me for all this trouble.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


found lots of references to leaks online. for example:

The only complaint is a leak that Jeep has yet to address properly. The leak occurs when the Jeep is sitting still in the rain. When you’re driving, it doesn’t leak. So it seems to be a standing water channeling problem.

A visit to a “leak specialist” at the Jeep dealer but their acknowledgement of the problem was not enough and the leak continues and rain still drips in on the driver side door handle. The problem seems to be coming from a seal above the windshield. The “leak specialist” suggested that it was due to the retractable top actually being used. Not sure what they expect that explanation to mean. …

Is this leak as described above, sitting still vs driving?

You may try troubleshooting the problem yourself. get someone to sit inside while you spray the outside with a hose. find the area where the leak occurs. then tell the dealer that.

You might be within the time frame for a lemon law claim. Problems with new vehicles should be fixable - this one isn’t. Maybe get some legal advice.

You bought a Jeep Wrangler with a soft top and you’re surprised that it leaks?!

No offense, but did you check with other Jeep owners before making that move? I have been around 4wd rigs my entire life, including a lot of Wranglers, and I have never seen one that didn’t leak like a sieve. It’s just part of owning a ragtop Jeep, IMO.

Have an 05 Wrangler with soft top - admittedly a different beast. Have never had a rain leakage problem.

Presumably your dealer has checked the tension/placement of the hoops. If something is off there, it could cause an incomplete seal and weathstripping is irrelevant. Otherwise, lemon law is the way to go - might spur corporate into action.

To be honest, welcome to the world of the Jeep.

From the first Jeeps, to the CJs, to the flavors of Wranglers, Jeeps have leaked.

Some have, some haven’t.

Some leak from the top, and some leak from the vent system.

Heck, some leak from unidentifiable places.

The bottom line…yeah, it’s a new car, and you’re right - ideally it shouldn’t leak. But the reality is that Jeeps of this style have leaked since their inception, and neither AMC or Chrysler have really fixed it.

You wanted a Jeep - welcome to the club!

-A very happy Jeep owner and repairer of multiple Jeeps…all of which leak from somewhere in the rain.

It’s a Jeep thing. Fit and finish are not what they are famous for. Have you gone over the correct operation of your roof system with your dealer. I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but it could be operator error. I also don’t believe a 5th trip to the same dealer will solve anything. Is there another dealer in your area?

I truly did not know that ragtops leaked. The post from Bill Russell describes my problem exactly, but mine also leaks when I’m driving it. It leaks just where he stated and the lemon law might be the way to go.

No offense taken, even if I didn’t know how to operate my roof (which I do), the dealer should, and they’ve actually had the roof completely off several times and they have replaced all the weatherstripping. It looks like I should just contact an attorney.

Thanks for the replies.

if you bought this jeep new go lemmon law get another jeep hard top

Time for the lemon law