Leaky seal in 2017 Jeep Cherokee

There is a leaky seal somewhere sunroof that deposits a weird substance on my inside windshield, rear view mirror and dash. It has happened since I bought it a year ago but it was a couple spots then and now all over. It happens about 3 days after I go through a car wash and it is a smeary substance.

Your car is under warranty.

Your car has a leaking problem and THAT means your Jeep dealer should FIX your leaking problem under that warranty.

Go see your dealer and tell them what you told us. Good Luck!

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I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I purchased it used and of course the remaining warranty has since expired. I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with a water leak which IS NOT due to a bad seal. As it’s been inspected by a glass specialist. SOMEONE PLEASE I NEED HELP!!

Sunroof drain tubes can plug up, which prevents the water from escaping the sunroof area. Given enough time, water will get through even the best seal, so that’s where I’d be looking next.


Also there’s no sunroof

There is a sunroof

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This might be informative


Schrödinger’s Sunroof. Very rare dealer-installed option on the Feynman edition.


It’s a quantum sunroof. It only appears while you’re looking at it…


Is that the Feynman Sahara Edition or the Feynman Baja Edition??

Jeep has so many special editions, I can’t tell one cat from another

Who knew that Car Talk would morph into Philosophy Talk?

Feynman Wheeler Edition I think. :wink:


Now that’s chasing the subject down a wormhole…


We should diagram it.