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Leaky Sunroof 2010 Subaru Forester

I just bought a 2010 Forester which has a leaky sunroof! I have brought it in twice to be repaired upon the second unsuccessful attempt was informed that it is suppose to leak around the glass into a draining system. Is this correct? Because it sure does not seem right and I am now at a loss of what to do.

Yes, the sunroof has drains and if they’re clogged the sunroof can leak.
Are you parking under a tree? If so, find another spot.

You were informed that it’s supposed to drain but what did they say about why they can’t fix it?
Technically, if there is a manufacturing defect they should repair this under warranty.
If this problem is caused by debris from a tree, etc. then that is not a warrantable problem.

If it’s the former then it’s time to contact the Subaru regional office and politely but firmly ask they step in and resolve this.
On the offchance this could turn into a Lemon issue you MUST have a paperwork trail showing that you have taken the car in for repair of the same problem. Without paperwork you’re dead in the water. Hope that helps.

I have covered parking. It has occurred either at the car wash or on rainy days. Water begins to drip through around the glass. The dealer said it had adjusted the glass both times but with the same result in the end?drips. So at what point do I approach the regional office?

Well, if the dealer has had 2 opportunities and can’t fix it then the time to approach the regional office is now.
Be polite but firm when telling them about this problem and you could politely mention that you do not want this to turn into a Lemon Law problem.
Subaru of America (or SOA, the corporate parent) does not want this to turn into a Lemon issue either and they should resolve this; possibly by having you meet with the service rep during his next visit to the dealer. (generally about once a month or so)

With covered parking this means it’s a warranty issue and they have to fix it or face a Lemon Law issue.

Search your state’s requirements(if any) for the law to take affect. Most give the dealerships 3 tries within a certain amount of time(usually a month I believe) or have down time(in the shop) for X number of days.