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Problems with my 2015 Jeep Wrangler sport Unlimited

I purchased a brand New 2015 Jeep Wrangler sport Unlimited on August 20th from Allen Samuels of Tyler Texas. About 4-6 weeks into ownership, no crazy driving or accidents, it started to shutter and almost stall or completely stall when I came to a stop. It would happen at random times, first minute into a drive or an hour into a drive. Cold or warm weather, gas tank full half or almost empty. I brought it back to the dealer who couldn’t/can’t reproduce it and they told me I have to go to Exxon, shell, or texaco for gas. I have filled up at those specific stations (which I think is ridiculous) and used High test. The Jeep is doing it almost everyday at some point now and I have brought it back to the dealer for a 4th time. The Freedom tops also leak during rain storms. I have a puddle on the drivers side floor mat after heavy rains. The dealer said they will try to fix it but that has been a problem with those tops so i will have to accept it. I have also had the dealer try to fix that 3 times.

My question is this: Do I have the right to ask the dealer to take this vehicle back? I feel like it is a lemon and I should not be penalized for a faulty product that was sold to me. I have brought this up and the dealer said it was the manufacturers fault and they can’t do anything about that.

Also if anyone has solutions to these problems please let me know. I feel like the Dealer is passing the problem off and not willing to admit this is a lemon.


If it were me, I’d familiarize myself with Texas lemon laws first. Then I’d make sure the dealership’s service department got very familiar with my and my Jeep. Those problems are unacceptable in a brand new vehicle. Good luck.

Yes, the OP needs to educate himself regarding the exact details of the Lemon Law in Texas. Most of these statutes require 3 failed attempts at repairing the same problem before a car owner can attempt to get relief via the Lemon Law, but the specific details might be a bit different in Texas.

In the meantime, make sure to save all of the documentation regarding the failed repair attempts, so that you can make your legal move when it is time to do so. I would also suggest that the OP get Chrysler/Fiat involved at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Make sure you understand the lemon law in Texas:

I assume that is where you live since you bought the Jeep in Texas. Both issues substantially affect the value of the vehicle, so you pass the test. Make sure you retain receipts for every visit. You must get a receipt, or your visit does not count. Remember that the dealer is acting on behalf of FCA-Jeep. They must fix both issues or FCA will eventually owe you a new Jeep. Keep calm, make visits when the problems show up, and don’t be deterred by the dealer’s negative statements. The rough running issue has to occur often enough that they are likely to find it. If it does it every time you take the Jeep out and they still can’t find it, take them for a ride to show them. Insist on it.

The rough running could be something as simple as water in the gas. That’s probably why they recommend purchasing at certain gas stations, and they think the underground tanks at those stations are better maintained and less likely to have water leak into the gas. I used to live in a place that had this problem, some of the stations consistently had bad gas. My poor VW Rabbit’s fuel injection system was very sensitive to bad gas, so I got stranded more than once while living there b/c of it. I finally figured out which stations to avoid, which tended to be stations where selling gas wasn’t their main business. Convenience stores, etc. I never had that problem with the Rabbit after I moved to California. I expect the requirements the state places on the gas stations are considerably more strict here. Perhaps not so strict in your part of Texas. Suggest to buy gasoline at a station that is selling gas in the main business and sells a lot of it.

As mentioned above, the dealer can’t be expected to fix a drivability problem if the problem isn’t occurring at the time they have the car in the shop. You could ask them to take it for several weeks & give you a loaner, maybe have one of their mechanics drive it as their own car for while, to see if the problem occurs. It could take months though.

The top shouldn’t leak on a brand new vehicle, and you should insist this be solved, if necessary by invoking whatever relief is allowed by the laws in your state. The dealer stating “it’s a manufacturing problem and we can’t help you” isn’t acceptable. It may be true though. In that case they or the manufacturer needs to compensate you somehow for the manufacturing fault.

Chrysler products tend to show up at the bottom of the Consumer Reports reliability ratings. Not sure about that particular Jeep though. Suggest you do some research to determine all of the recalls , tsbs, and customer interest programs issued by the manufacturer for this vehicle. There may be extended warranties for some things.

And be sure to document everything in detail, be sure the dealer’s shop writes everything down on the shop order, and be sure you keep copies of the shop orders and all correspondence.

Yup, sounds like a clear “lemon law” candidate.
Sincere best of luck to you.

+1 for all the comments so far especially TSM…he took the words right out of my mouth. You might want to have the dealership drain the fuel tank and have the fuel tested.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the problem is due to a faulty electrical connection somewhere. Power to the fuel pump, a loose engine ground for instance. The hard part is trying to locate the intermittent problem. I would start by monitoring the fuel pressure and go over the engine electrical connections.

I interpret your post as saying this only happens when you’re coming to a stop. I would suspect you have an IAC (idle air control) problem. Usually this only happens with an older, gunked up IAC but this one may have been defective from the start.

You might suggest this to the dealer. Just another possibility.

What Is The Jeep’s Date Of Manufacture? Is It February? A Small Number Of 2015 Wranglers Built In A Few Days Of February, 2015 Are Covered In A Service Bulletin, Jeep’s Technical Service Bulletin 23-015-15 (April 30, 2015).

The 18 page (with color photos) bulletin was written to help Jeep technicians diagnose and solve complaints of water dripping from the top of the windshield, inside the vehicle.

Remediation sometimes involves replacing the header seal at the top of the windshield, following specific directions.

I’m not sure where the date of mfg. is located, but could be on a label on the opening end of the driver’s door or adjacent pillar.


Thank you all for your comments and help. I really appreciate it.

This is where you bought the Jeep? If so, their attitude stinks!

At this point, I would bypass the dealer and go directly to the manufacturer’s customer service group. You want them to open a case on your behalf. Personally, I would refrain from talk about lemon laws or any other legal issues just yet. That just makes people defensive. There’s a time that may be necessary but try the least painful path first. You want to explain calmly and clearly what issues you are having and that the dealership is either unwilling or incapable of helping resolve them.

Look in your owner’s manual or warranty repair booklet for the contact info. I found this in case you can’t locate it…

Call 1-800-992-1997 to speak with Chrysler Customer Service. (USA only).

You spent 30G? on a brand new vehicle and the dealer states the roof leaks and they cannot fix it, and you say you have to live with it?

NOPE. You need to lean on them to at least try like a professional.

So I took it to a separate dealer and they found it was a faulty Torque Converter? It is scheduled to be fixed this week sometime. At this point I am so displeased with the vehicle and just want out of it. I have talked to Chrysler and filed with the state of Texas. Nothing has happened and I feel like they are just waiting it out.
Thanks for all the advice, it has been helpful. Just trying to get into something more reliable.

What about the roof leak, any result there?

Did you do everything required to meet lemon law returns in Texas? Have you obtained the lemon law complaint form? Call the Texas DMV number in the link I posted earlier and describe your problems to the folks at the DMV. They will tell you if you are ready to return the Jeep or if you have more work to do.

Leave it at the dealer, tell them you want a loaner until it is fixed. You are still under warranty I hope.

Everyone here is right in insisting that you keep all records of your visits to the dealership.

To execute the lemon law you will need detailed receipts.

Also are you aware that you do not have to go to that dealer for warranty service. You can take your vehicle to any Jeep dealer…in any state.
Why not try getting another dealership to look at your problems. This dealership does not seem to be interested in helping you.