Jeep Patriot Leaking Sunroof (water leaking into dome lights above dash due to leaking in sunroof)

I just picked up my brand new 2015 Jeep Patriot on 1/15/15. Exactly one week after having the vehicle (1/12/15), we I got into my car (on a rainy day…the first rainy day since I had the car) there was water dripping from the lights above the dash board. There was water dripping all down the radio, heat/AC controls, gear shift, and some sprayed onto the steering wheel and dash, and both front seats. I quickly realized that water had been collecting inside the lights above the dash. When I turned the car on, the CD player was making a clicking noise and saying load CD or eject CD and would just go on and off sporadically as I drove to straight to the dealer, water would continue to pour out from the lights as I drove every time I made a turn. I called the dealer and brought the car right in as soon as I discovered the leak.

I was told to drop it off at the service department, I did and then went over the the sales department. I spoke with the sale manager and explained to him what had happened, how I was very upset about this happening a week after picking up the car, and how I did not want the car anymore. I’m very upset about all the water damage and do not feel it is fair that I should have to pay for a damaged car. He gave me a loaner car and said that the service department would work on the issue. A member from the service department came over to me and said that they will look at it in the morning and let me know the what’s going on and fix it and hope to return the car to me tomorrow. He also set me up with a loaner car which I appreciate, but even if they “fix” the problem, the damage has been done to the car and I am not paying for a water damaged car. I want to return the car. When I got home from Huntington Jeep this afternoon I called Jeep costumer service (800-247-9753) to report the problem. I spoke with a representative. I told her everything I said above, including that I no longer wanted the car. She asked me if I wanted the car replaced. I said yes, I would be more than happy to work with with the Jeep dealership I bought the car from and have the car replaced.

The Jeep dealership replaced the tracks of the sunroof and water tested the car and said it was fine. They did not do anything to address the water damage and when I specifically asked about the CD player and how I said when I brought it in that it was making a clicking noise and saying load/eject CD when on CD was in the player…they responded that the CD player was working. I really feel like they did nothing to address the water damage or check to see if any of the electronics were damaged. They also had the car for a week…waiting on the parts to come in. I requested that the car be kept inside due to the leaking issue. Once the sunroof was “fixed” I was told by the service manager that I had to return the loaner car even though I told him I was not taking the car back. He said that since they were done working on the car the loaner had to be returned but that I could leave the vehicle on the lot until I resolved everything with Chrysler resolution team.

I currently have a case manager from Chrysler’s resolution team in their legal department. However, I have to wait 2-3 business days to hear from her, every time I call her direct line I get her voicemail, and the past week and a half no progress has been made on giving options to resolve my issue. My case manager states she is waiting to hear back from the general manager from the dealership. It is not 1/26/15 and no forward progress has been made. I am extremely upset and frustrated and don’t know how to make anyone from the dealership or Chrysler understand the concern for water damage done to vehicle and how I am not paying for a brand new car that is water damaged.
**If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that could help me get some resolution in my case I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you :slight_smile:

This is a well known problem with the Patriot.


…and it is a known issue in some other makes as well.

However, I would be extremely surprised if Chrysler agrees to replace the car.
Why do I say that?
Because the free warranty-related repairs probably did resolve the issue with the sunroof, and even if the CD player (or other electronics) were damaged, they will surely malfunction well before the warranty period ends–which I believe to be 3 years. With the possible exception of “wear” items like brakes and wiper blades, everything on your car is covered by the Bumper-to-Bumper warranty.

If car manufacturers had to replace every car that had a repairable defect shortly after delivery, they would quickly go out of business. As a result, I think that the OP’s expectations are unrealistic.

And–no–I am not employed by either a car dealer or a car manufacturer.

Be careful what you wish for. You might get a replacement that has serious drivetrain problems in 5 years while someone else drives your “lemon” for 150K trouble-free miles.

I definitely think you have a valid complaint, and the right thing in my opinion is for the dealership is to replace your car with another new one. Then they can sell this one (presumably it is now fixed) as a “special”, like they’d do with a salesman loaner, to a customer who wants it at a discount.

If they won’t do that, I’d consider a compromise deal where I keep this car, but first they clean up all the visible surface water damage, and replace the factory CD player with a new one.

BTW, a CD player in a car isn’t really such a good idea. It’s better to have a MP3 player with USB stick capability. That way any CD you want to play in your car, you just rip it to the USB memory stick. No moving parts that way. Suggest you ask if they’d agree to remove the CD player and install a radio with USB-stick MP3 capability. Make sure it can actually play the files stored on the USB stick, and doesn’t require a separate MP3 player, like an IPOD or something.

You complaints are valid, but unfortunately civil law doesn’t support your right to return the vehicle. Nor will it help you with the CD player. The bottom line is that you’re still on the hook for the payments, you still own the Jeep, and if you choose not to accept the vehicle and/or make the payments, it’ll just end up being repossessed by the bank after it destroys your credit rating. As regards the CD player, if it’s currently working properly you have no legal recourse.

You might be able to get some resolution with the help of a good lawyer, but I suspect a good lawyer will tell you your only right at this time is to pick up the Jeep and try to resell it to recoup as much of the purchase price as possible… and eat the difference.

Sorry. I’m on your side, but you have no rights here.

My suggestion is ask for a free warranty from Chrysler bumper to bumper long as possible. It costs them very little to provide this and will likely satisfy your worries. It is normal in a situation of major malfunction to provide this warranty and spend very little to not only not fight with customer but maintain you as a future one.

My Acura for example had an extended from Acura 7years/120,000 mile bumper to bumper from original owner that was transferred to me as part of sale. Apparently he latter mentioned (past sale) that the MDX I have was not moving at 500 miles with a electrical transmission issue and had to be towed. Acura handed him this nugget to get him over it.