A different kind of vehicle accident

A “Florida man” abandoned a stolen car on the railroad tracks and a train sent it hurtling into a nearby house. I suspect alcohol was involved. Florida Man Arrested After Stolen Car Catapulted Into Home by Train

my grandfather was hit by a train in florida… He was fine, his Oldsmobile was not. :rofl:

Alcohol involved???

Yup, sure reads like a bit “hey, watch THIS” with someone elses car!

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Maybe. The news item says he claims he stole the car in a “good faith effort” to look for his own. I don’t see much “good faith” but I guess if you’re drunk enough…

C’mon, it’s Florida Man. Here’s some memes about his kin. It’s just another day on the Indian River. A bull onesie?!


I listen to a Podcast called Idiot of the Week, the hosts say that part of Florida in particular is the epicenter of the dumbest stories. Port St Lucie in particular which is just a little south of where this happened.

To be fair (c’mon, who wants to be fair!?), Florida requires disclosure of felonies in the newspaper. Florida Man is on full public display. Not so in most other places, though we can be sure there are equally insane stunts in other states. Now, let’s get back to bashing Florida Man!

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Oh no, in a couple of months I am moving to Florida. does that mean I am going to become a crazy Florida Man. LOL

Lived there, everybody is crazy!


Also lived there the most crazy are the snowbirds.

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To be fair, I’ve been a Crazy Missouri Man for years. I’m sure my wife would be delighted to confirm it. I think you just hear more about Florida Man.

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We’ve had local stories that could rival Florida Man’s but they’re not as common. Few years ago the rear doors on one of the medical examiner’s van opened mid turn and the body on a gurney rolled into the street and was headed to the cemetary.

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