Only in Florida: Viral video shows FHP trooper racing Lamborghini

In an era of dashboard cameras, you’d think they’d be more careful.

I’d like to get myself a dashcam, but I’ve decided to wait until I have a car that has cruise control. It’s too easy to find myself speeding, so I’m in no hurry to record my own crimes.

Who says it’s a State Trooper in that car? Could be a car was “borrowed” for the race and then returned.

Besides, I’ve noticed that nearly everybody in Florida is in a good spirits and not too easily bothered by actions of other drivers. Regulation is somewhat lax and I like it.

There are a handful of idiot drivers here, but the vast majority of drivers are courteous and will politely allow others to cut into traffic or back-off if one is trying to change lanes, etcetera.

It took me a little practice to be able to punch the accelerator pedal at traffic lights, crank the steering wheel, and hang a U-Turn right in an intersection! Where I lived in the north that move would land you in jail!

There are lots of cool cars here and good weather in which to drive them. I love Florida and driving in Florida! I’m not in a hurry to go north for the summer, I’ll tell you.
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Whitey, You don’t use cruise control or what?
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I would say that an officer street racing the car (looked to be a pretty tame race BTW) would actually be a lesser offense than either someone stealing the car and returning it or “lending it out” to a non-official operator for a street race…

I use cruise control whenever I drive a car that has it. My fiancee’s Hyundai Santa Fe has it, and my mother’s Jetta has it, but my POS Civic doesn’t. I bought the cheap model and planned to add cruise control, but I never got around to it. Next time I’m going to buy a model that comes with it.