Yet another driver

… who can’t seem to distinguish between the gas pedal and the brake pedal. To quote the local gendarmes, “… a driver trying to park mistook her gas for her brakes, drove through a row of bushes, jumped a curb and landed on the other car.”.

I spotted this video this afternoon, after experiencing the following:
While driving through a school zone, I stopped at the tail end of an amber light cycle, rather than take a chance on running the red light. A second or two after the light turned red, some a-hole in a new Camry passed me on the right, and made a left turn ON RED, narrowly avoiding being hit by traffic that had the right of way.

This is why folks from New Jersey need to vacation on the EAST coast of Florida. This happens at least twice a month in-season here on the west coast of Florida. Usually the driver crashes into a beauty parlor, Quickie Mart or any other strip-mall store front.

We don’t need folks from New Jersey adding any more! Go east, Go east!


In NYC’s borough of Queens, it has become at least a weekly occurrence for someone (almost always an elderly woman… ) to drive through the façade of a convenience store.

Back in 2008, I was a passenger in my friend’s Accord, when we were T-boned–on the property of a gas station–by a woman driving a Lexus RX. I heard her being questioned by the responding officer, and when she stated, “the harder I pushed on the brake, the faster it went”, the cop softly muttered, “Yeah, that’s what happens when you don’t know the difference between the gas and the brake”.

No! She just passed her Florida driver’s test! She’s moving any day now…

Not Robert Kraft’s favorite spa?!

Not yet, anyway! Next season! :grin:

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Already here.


Around here that would be called double parking and you can get a ticket for it.

There are idiots everywhere, smile as they get pulled over or are a wreck on the highway as you pass them by.

I stick to Dade or Broward county when I go to Florida. I’m a lot more comfy with the folks there.

Where as it must be a life or death situation for me to go south of Ft Pierce.

If they’d only listen to that simple advice I’d never need to deal with them here in PA…

Already here