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A/C troubles on 99 Accord

I have a 1999 Honda Accord sedan. My AC has been stuck on heat and has been blowing hot air for months. I took it to an AC “specialist” and he mentioned my motor for my blender door was going out. So i bought the part and my step dad repaired it, then it didn’t help. So i replaced the climate control on the dash and that still didn’t help. I even topped it off with Freon and it still blows hot air.

So i figured I would do something I have never done and post in a forum to request help from the car experts! Please help! It’s very hot here in Florida. :hot_face:

Edit- i forgot to mention that my compressor is still working, we’ve been testing it after doing repairs

Did you check if fuse #13/7.5 amp is blown in the passenger under-dash fuse box?


Honestly i just went out to my car to check and i didn’t even see a number 13 fuse plugged in.

Click on the image you provided, and then click on it again.

The image will expand to where you can see the fuse numbers.


I pulled it out, it doesn’t look blown to me

Looks blown to me.

Change it.


Just got it replaced and it’s still blowing hot air :frowning:

Have you verified that the blend door is actually moving, when you change the temperature setting?!

Is the ac compressor clutch even engaging . . . ?!

Yes we checked all of that whenever we put the new part on

You say the blend door is moving

You say the ac compressor clutch is engaging

You say the ac refrigerant charge is correct

yet the ac’s not blowing cold

Something’s not adding up here . . .

Is the ac suction line cold . . . and I mean ICE cold . . . to the touch when the engine is idling, the ac’s set to the coldest temperature, maximum blower speed and the ac compressor clutch is engaged?

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When the AC was charged, was a set of manifold gauges used?


Yes it is all working, see why we are so confused as to what the problem is??

And i haven’t checked the line, i will have my step dad do it sometime today when he has the time

I don’t believe so, but when i took my car to the AC shop, they checked my Freon and I’m sure they did use it. They said it was filled

You are saying that it is blowing HOT air… as in “heated air…from the heater, that is warmer than ambient and or your skin hot ?” That kind of Hot air? or just “Non refrigerated, ambient temp air”

It makes a big difference in what is going on…

For instance… your A/C could be working great…and if your heater is actually set to high… it will cancel out the cooling effect and flow hot or nearly hot air…despite the A/C working its heart out. It cannot overcome the heater cores temps… This is how your defroster works… it uses hot air…that is dried by the A/C… Just because you engage the A/C the car will allow you to run the heater to its hottest temp at the same time… Keep this in mind.

So again… is this heated “hot” air you feel or just non refrigerated ambient air? Feel your A/C lines… are they cold?

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No offense to your step dad intended . . .

Is there any chance your dad replaced the mode door actuator, instead of the blend door actuator . . . ?

I just looked on rockauto . . . and they look virtually identical

I asked you if the suction line was ICE cold . . . and you responded “yes it is all working”

Does that mean the suction line is indeed ICE cold . . . or are you just confirming that the ac compressor clutch is engaging, because I had also asked about that, among other things

The only sure fire way to know if you’ve got a full charge . . . in my opinion . . . is to recover, evacuate and recharge. That means recovering the refrigerant, pulling the required vacuum for, say 20 minutes, injecting oil and then charging the correct amount

I’m not sure what the shop did, but if they didn’t do what I mentioned, then I’d say we can’t be sure you have a correct charge of refrigerant

I’ve seen a lot of guys convinced the charge was correct until they did what I mentioned. They were often surprised when they monitored the ac service equipment and discovered that the refrigerant charge was more than 1 pound low . . . in spite of the fact they were initially convinced it was correct

I know somebody’s going to chime in . . . so I’ll head this off right now

I’m well aware that you could look at charts and correlate the ambient temperature, low- and high side refrigerant pressures and the temperatures from the panel registers on max lo and declare the charge level might be correct . . . but it’s not the same as knowing because you actually did a recover, evacuate and recharge

And as I said in my above paragraph, I’ve seen a few guys eat their earlier words, when they hooked up the machine and discovered that the charge was nowhere near correct, during the part where the machine tells you how much was recovered . . . :smiley:


I’m thinking the blend door itself is broken.


a/c “specialist” said refrigerant (freon) level was fine, and then you “topped it off”?

if you know what you are doing, a/c work isn’t that difficult. You need to find a different “specialist.” in the meantime, I agree with @db4690- sounds like the wrong actuator was replaced. I’d also bet the system is overcharged now.

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That theory doesn’t hold water, because each actuator isn’t like the other.

So they can’t be mixed up.;et=2%2C5)&Keywords=blend+door+actuator


This theory totally holds water if you and your parts person don’t have the same terminology or understanding of what you actually need and thus accidentally purchase and replace the wrong part.

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Now you’re grasping at straws!